the palace

aku menci huda… serioussss aku menci huda… aarrrgghh!!!

okayyy, you know we will always looove you, pot-calling-the-kettle-black… realistically speaking, baby, with whom aku nak main kayu empat with? i am still very much s-i-n-g-l-e.

and next time ambik gambar, sila guna flash, okay. these are the only usable pictures… besides gambar-gambar syok sendiri kau…


+ + +


sazali: kau tak pernah moderate. bila jahat, jahat sangat. bila baik, baik sangat. kau kena try jadi moderate.

there’s the fear of what happened last time – too much of a good thing, too much of a bad thing – although sazali made this comment to moi with regards to my work commitment.

but i thought when i was being moderate… when i was not smothering over him and having fun with my girlfriends and cousins and those were the time he keeps bugging me for attention… i would totally respect his space whenever his friends are around town and not bother him at all.

even so… if that is not considered moderate, i guess i could never be that moderate kind… memang aku tak reti. which proves that i do not live up to my star sign. even M thinks that i am not that much of a liberal thinker when he knew my zodiac. honestly, i don’t fancy people asking one another what’s their star sign. i don’t know how to read people and i never think that based on zodiac, a person’s characteristics are that accurate.


+ + +


i was cleaning around room 311.
aneeza: suessy, kenapa kau buat semua ni?
moi: can’t stand it… terlalu… bersepah.
aneeza: zaki, bertuah kau kalau dapat suessy…
zaki: yup, bertuah kalau aku dapat maid macam suessy…


+ + +

maybe that’s how vanessa feels

there’s that gleeful feeling when i saw that person smoking outside, i became deliriously giddy and ran up to get him.

i think i wouldn’t feel that way if that person smoking outside was Teddy… or M… somehow none inside me would permit such feelings to be elaborated…


thank god he’s taken.


+ + +

a contract
aneeza: there’s the aunt of a friend of mine who is so happily married. they are very lovey-dovey even after all these years… i asked her how does she know that he is the one? and she said, “when i wanted to marry him… i had no doubts (at all).” surely you must have some doubts… this is a marriage!


+ + +


here’s what i know about myself. sazali is right… i am either too nice, or too bitchy. i am only of black and white, and i never like being in the grey shades.

owh, and aku suka deadline. i’m fanatic about deadlines.


+ + +


at the end of the day there were huda, sazali, moi, sam, and aneeza flanking as the last guests at the palace, smoking and entertaining sam devouring his oysters. i love that sooo idyllic time.