this and that

all the wrong words

huda: suessy, mana samprit kau? sample! sample cookies kau! mana?

+ + +

suessy: look at this picture! should not take pictures while i’m wearing kurung… it’s like i have a pair of deflated breasts.

roha scans the pictures. she says: okay lea tu, ade coverage
she means cleavage. huda snaps her MOTO and points it to my —

huda: wow! coverage baik punya!

+ + +

roha: i nak cut my hair… ape tu, lipstick jungle… lipstick
moi: oh, like one of the ladies, which one?
roha: bukan, i bukan nak potong rambut macam lipstick jungle… i nak potong layered… yes, that’s the word i’m looking for.


the quartet

i have summarized after lengthy observation that the quartet will always consists of, one in size two (petite), one in size six… or eight (huge frame), and two same size four (normal size). refer to cashmere mafia, sex and the city, and the latest… the women.

also, there will be one blissfully married and ever pregnant, and two out of three has a cheating husband (charlotte is happy not-all-day-happy-but-everyday-happy with harry, while juliet and mary is putting a facade). the huge frame is usually attached to either the career or herself. and the other two represents most of the confusions women are facing today.

there’s roha; the blissfully wedded… and there’s huda and moi — very, very confused.

and then there’s cordee; the petite, anysz; the spiritually in love… and there’s aneeza and moi — very, very confused.

aneeza: noooo. way. i am not. going to be. that huge character.
aneeza has weight issue, which i personally think is not anywhere near chronic.
aneeza: i won’t crack my head to match myself with which character. i’d just be charlotte. no more worries!


the palace

roha: aku tunggu sampai tertido-tido! ni nak pegi hotel istana ke, restoran istana? tau jalan tak? anybody?

we were five minutes late after the breaking fast when we arrived. seeing huda made us squealed like we have not met for five years konon-konon. we hang out and eat and drink and eat again and drink some more and photo-clicking like we own the place. like each of us is serena, blair, chuck, and nate at the palace – oh, do you know that they have their restaurant called Istana?

i mean like… the way we were… being hysterical like nobody’s business, and we totally utilized the two hours out of three breaking fast period they provided.

we were like these women, who will never stop squealing and hugging each time we see of each other. 

the other quartet

i was itching and whining about getting a bottle of coke because i was wayyy bloated after the breaking fast. ayam kurma, briyani, and sirap bandung does not go together well, okay… so i really really really needed a bottle of coke.

so the four of us – najwa, dba, weeda and i killed the time eating lollies at the counter of the 7-eleven that is conjoined with shell and video ezy (are there people still renting dvds? what’s the rate, i’m intrigued). as i had my coke, i began to wonder around the store, looking for instant ramen that is non-existently halal. there’s a different nikmat about eating instant noodle in a convenient shop.

dba: we’d never do this if we were in ampang.
najwa: doesn’t matter. this is puchong. nobody knows us, nobody we know here.

have they discontinued mat kool’s jelly ice cream like they discontinued merc a-class here? i love that lolly. and i would splurged on that a-class rather than the smart fortwo.

roha: kalau i beli smart fortwo tu senang… call korang, “aku dah sampai kat tempat shopping dah ni!”… bukan sampai lea, tengah tunggu terus! punya lea senang kereta kecik macam tu.


each of us were wearing kurungs. lined up at the counter for everyone who’s pumping gas to see us. any mother-in-law wannabe could pick us out for future grandkids-maker.

najwa: kalau nak pilih, mesti lea pilih yang pakai tudung…




fun. lots of it.