referring to petronas’ 51st Merdeka’s message to malaysians potraying a wunderkind… here’s what mum and my aunt has to say:

“nanti kita letak gambar kereta mercedes ke… bmw ke… kat cermin solek kita kan… biar anak-anak kita nampak…”

mum’s choice is a flashing yellow beamer… yeahhh, whatever… bila nampak slk/clk meleleh-leleh…

insya Allah.

as for moi and aneeza, the message, “Patience, perserverance and hard work paves the road to success.” does not only applies on the wunderkind and the rest of anak-anak post merdeka but it especially applies on all the men who are and will be fathers…

“orang jual buah pun reti nak simpan duit untuk pengajian anak-anak…” ye lea, nak tengok jugak anak tu masa membesar perangai macam mana… tapi usaha bukan setakat kumpul duit je kan… doa tu semua pun investment jugak. investment in two parts whereby one; moga anak tu berjaya, and two; that we sentiasa beringat to ask for HIS MERCINESS to make things happen… and maybe there are other parts that i do not know off because after all, HE is THE MOST GENEROUS.

i know times now and then are wayyy different. dalam masa lima tahun pun jauh berbeza, apetah lagi jarak empat puluh tahun yang lalu. but forty years ago, among the things i always like to remember is of my allahyarham tuk bin. he was an ustaz who has twelve kids. still, for an ustaz with twelve children at the time… i am always in awe at how he plans his salary around his family’s needs.

every year for raya, my allahyarham tuk bin will make sure that each of his child will have these three items – boy/girl: (a) baju melayu/baju kurung, (b) shirt + a pair of pants/gown, and (c) a pair of new leather shoes… leather. and that each year he will make sure that the curtains and cushions are changed for Eid and that his wife will have a new set of dishes to celebrate Eid and her fabulous cooking, hence the abundance of pyrex-es and correlles inherited by the children come 1994.


the initial direction of this entry has changed… since this was drafted two days ago. 


my allahyarhammah tok yam has always love cats…


what i now recalled is that mum was at her mother’s deathbed during the last breath. she keeps saying to herself, “it’s okay, it’s okay… she is going to a better place… she is joining my father…”