fifteen seconds of fame

at a diane von furstenberg’s shoppe.

marita: do i know you?
fanny: *smiles i-have-what-you-don’t-have-anymore*
marita: the man as-you-witnessed-it cheating on his girlfriend…? you can keep him… for life. he’s merely acting out what you’ve been doing all these while… taking other people’s significant others…
fanny: you. don’t. know. me!
marita: YOU. don’t. know. me, either. just because you’re older than me and have gone through more than i do, and whatever he knows about me and he tells you… doesn’t make you know me. so stop embarassing yourself.
fanny: *fuming*
marita: why’d you even think to say hello… *tinkling laughs* i should say – as i never give a thought for people like you – that you’re desperate for attention. well, you have it now. *to the salesperson* keep staring at her… she loves every second of it. *to fanny* enjoy your fifteen seconds of fame.

marita walks off to the door. fanny pickes up an ornament and threw it to marita, hitting her shoulder.
everyone in the boutique froze, the salespeople running to marita’s aid. marita turned, and merely chuckled.

marita: don’t worry. she doesn’t make any impact on me… look at the size of her. *laughs* yes, size does matter, isn’t it darling… but honesty says it all. good that you have the size factor from him… but will he be honest to you forever?


marita walks out of the door.