hmm… yes. i deleted my friendster account. again. i feel much lighter now. i find it easier to breathe. am never popular with that sort of site and that i never have that sort of passion the way i find my way in blogging – wish i could have that same amount of passion for my assignments as well. but facebook… hmm, yeah… facebook. until i hear my calling to delete it.

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latest fave

ms makani rawks! she made me believed that lucius and cissy are truly madly in love with each other – the pics are sooo hot!!!

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initially i could not say this boy is cute. lack of hair he was at the time. but now, at ten months old and those oh-so-lustrous hair, i couldn’t help cooing how gorgeous he is. najwa and i couldn’t get enough of him.

moi: alane, your kid is so gorgeous! gorgeous!
alane: aiii, see the fath—
moi: not a reflection of his father at all!


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two years old

peru and kenya was two last aug-29. kenya had a bath, and peru came home. peru coming home on that particular day after m.i.a. several weeks was like, hey, youknowwhatdayitistoday. maybe he wanted to see moeli on this particular anniversary.

hi mum, thanks for giving birth to me and sorry that we keep abandoning each other. see, i gotta goagain!

and todd is two yesterday. i do not know his exact birthdate. only that two years ago, i picked him up at jalan 222 during breakfast. he was estimated to be a september kitty based on his dental record.

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wake me upwhen september ends


yeah, please do. thank god i threw away the fuckin’ reminder already.

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caffeine issue

on independence day eve, i had dinner with anysz and aneeza. during our coffee, our trio was joined by another set of trio consisting of the temporary-breakup boyfriend, the recently-single rich boy, and the forever-asshole asshole who depicts the exact description MM says of those with dslr hanging from their neck in tee and shorts – i thought MM was exaggerating, but boy were there thousands of them like artsy antsy ants.

i just shouldn’t order the cappucino (urgh, i hated it) – in Ron’s words, “God, that’s revolting, I don’t want to drink this muck.” – but i was so much thinking about what the rich boy would be thinking of moi repeating the order with specific description. i already finished the blazing hot (blazing lea sangat) caramel latte and was thinking of ordering the vanilla latte but the rich boy already ordered a latte and i didn’t want him to think i was imitating him so i ordered the darn cappucino.

urgh… latte it is for moi next time next time next time.

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literally made in heaven

hmm… you do know that jk named each of the black family members after constellations? sirius is the brightest star of the canis major constellation.

suraya is the arabic name for the pleiades constellation.

In Arabic, the Pleiades are known as al-Thurayya الثريا, and mentioned in Islamic literature. The name was borrowed into Turkish as a female name, and is in use in both Turkey (as Surayya) and Arab countries.