at times it could get very overwhelming for the need to flirt. i’m not good at all on picking up men – i am zero. so usually they picked up on me and then i get to know them, and i usually stick to those i know.

but not to flirt with just anyone. there are those who do not fulfill the simple requirements i have in mind which could turn me off faster before you could say your next haha or hehe.

then again, those who are so good and delicious and creamy to look at and to talk to are just so full of themselves. i would be taking the first available lift alone since there is no room for him and his ego. gone were the times i would acknowledge an Adam’s ego. i’m sure there are men out there who use their ego sparingly.

repeat, yes, i am fucking choosy right now and i don’t care. i came to understand of others who are still hanging around as they aged. sure, i felt a hell lot older (like a spinster) and alone being 25 and single. there are times that i keep making excuses for myself. or making up reasons to make myself feel better. or feeling too empty sitting there with friends while they are having serious conversation about hair and you don’t want to observe around because you are not that strong enough should the ex pops out with the new girl. yeah, sometimes it feels like that it sucks to the depression.

but at times there are advantages that came along now and then. There are nice guys (the least is that there is no girl next to him that he has his hands on) you could enjoy looking at. and um, i couldn’t think of what else, but i believe that there are… only that it comes one at a time… a time of eternity. Sometimes after two, or three, or five eternities. but the point is, it would come around.


there was this particular bastard who keep making eye contacts with us and when the firework comes out, his girlfriend also came out. turns out his girlfriend was sitting behind the pillar, making her concealed from our view – well, we thought he was with a guyfriend.


cousin: hrmph… LRT tu siap tahun 2014. time tu suraya pun dah kawin dah…
moi: thank you!