nice to be dedicated

what i believe

the way noah saw allie for the first time.

that and perhaps, an omiai kekkon.


a younger and wiser friend

hello there, i googled myself and found you, miss anonymous.
tell you what… i think, you and moi, we’re too narcissistic to be anonymous.


stop laughing

seriously, do stop those laughing.
stop putting haha and hehe at every end of your sentences. it’s even worse when i have to listened to it.
thank god you only text.

and that ain’t moi. haha (appropriately positioned).


just a note

when i saw him in the middle of that nowhere, i could kiss and hug him then and there. appreciative affection, that is. and not that at the time i was alone or lost. somehow, when i saw him, i just felt that rush of relief.

thank god he’s taken.



seems like the better place.


current theme

the radio dept’s i don’t like it like this.


like moi.

only you’re better. and braver.


exterior judging

here’s what i think to those who’re impressed. the alternatives are better than to let yourself be fooled. although it’s hard, it does feels easier at times when you realized it wasn’t you who wronged the other.

your friends will take care of you.


last words

see me again next year. or earlier.