le friendamilia

le friend(s)

i think, i think… roha suggested that we go for another night out due to my favourite subject last week was suicide. i think lea. if yes, she is very very very nice to be very very thoughtful like she usually is.

a great view filled with every kind of eye-candies you want, with nice timepiece on their wrist and wheels. then again, at the time i have decided to stopped oogling and just want to laugh out loud. i’m done with catalouging for now, i’m not ready for the world so for now i’m in my own world with my babes.

i wasn’t really enthusiastic about the other party joining although the bill is covered. i was banyak doing the complaining. makan kat situ tak sedap, the buffet dah takde benda nak makan… was only craving for hot coffee. that’s why terlebih meragam… addicted tak overdosed. i was pulling every inch of me together from smashing the screen so i can stop watching minah rempit modelling for the karaokes video clip…

yeahhh, aku tido dalam bilik karaoke tu. i’m not a karaoke enthusiast. tak tahan baca lirik-lirik lagu gila tu semua. tu lea semua benda yang aku dengar dan lihat masih filter-filter lagi… i realized i am not that neutralized yet. maka, makin mendayu-dayu lea jiwa ragaku, on top of straining myself from strangling those minah rempit models and huda yang tengah gian sangat nak menyanyi… ikut lea.

i took my colourful pills and dunked it with spritzer and made myself comfortable at the corner of the room. slept. for a few minutes. when they woke me up to go back to roha’s place, i was okay. alert. all-smiley. sincerely and honestly, i was glad that huda had enjoyed herself. she had a good night. good for her.

see, it was all about to ward and war with the sleepiness army. it can really turned you into a grinch/scrooge if you had to stay awake.

roha gave us blouses! so i have a new top to wear to family’s saturday lunch to try that roast beef Mum likes so much (heaven, lurve the strips and the mocha java).

on monday, huda came over to our side and the three of us had drinks after work. roha couldn’t join us because her car key is inside her Dad’s car and she walked to the office (honto ni!). another great view also, and i like that guy in the black merc. think i’m prettier than your girlfriend, that’s why you looked at moi while you have drinks with her, when you walked to the car, when you are about to start the car, and as you drived pass me by.

La la la la Ha ha ha ha.

+ + +

la familia

last sunday najwa’s Mum was honoured for her company’s 25 years of loyal service and she asked Mum to accompany her. Mum had a good time watching Amy Search performed, and her nephew performed (also honoured).

najwa’s place is a great pad to hang out minus the cats – najwa is terribly allergic to them. the ikeas and american sofas, and balinese dining table and the knick knacks here and there is supercool, with all those bath range i can indulge into and najwa’s accessories that i tried on, this one, that one… ha ha fun. and you can never run out of birkins when you’re at najwa’s. all the aigners, fendis, ferragamos, guess, and roxy (boleh lea since i don’t like ’em and prefers billabong) that you can have borrow. i don’t blame anysz wanting to apply to be najwa’s adopted sibs.

qieqie joined the trip, he keeps saying how much he’s missing his cousin najwa and made fun of everyone since he’s becoming taller and taller. he took the liberty to lenjan najwa’s PSP. think i should get one of those also – after i get one for L.

gossips were swapped, najwa introduced moi to J&CO which is also very orgasmic and i love their hazelnut lattes but so far the wholesome latte i’ve had was at subway and that was the regular nescafe latte. i learned how to use broadband. i indulged myself with nickleodeon and disney channel (for najwa’s nieces and mainly najwa, didn’t know this chick layan cartoon as much as i do).

i’m not so much about taking photos of food and have it on my blog but since it’s najwa’s tradition to take pictures of the J&CO doughnuts before she eats, i obliged. tak lea mengiurkan dari paras rupa but once you sink your teeth in it, it is oh sooo luscious. apply the description on moiha ha ha ha.

the next morning, i overslept (monday, took half day) because i truly thought the clock is broken because the weather was still dimmed – 10 o’clocktipu lea, hari gelap lagi, Mum pun tak bising. turned out kl is raining heavily and Mum is lingering around since her boss is not in anyway, and she has that leave she has not use yet which she earlier applied so Mum was like… are you looking for trouble, Suraya? have you called miin?

we decided to go back at 12 and sempat for moi to accompany najwa sending her friend to hentian putra. the drive was sooo kimochi (japanese for soothing), and i’ve never appreciate ampang the way i did at the time. it is so blissful, you had just want to crawl back and sleep, hang around idyllically, or live extravagantly (menghabiskan balance duit di midvalley or that shop in Cheras that najwa wanted to bring moi) while drinking hot latte to warm you up.

at that time, with what i’ve been going through the whole week – and still am right now, i had that moment that i would wish for nothing more. i was already content and feels safe that nothing could literally hurt me at all, when i was with my family.

thank you… YOU.

+ + +

i have indulged into durians for its season around. oh so orgasmic! have you had yours?