rate of recurrence

when you go shopping with a 22-year-old and a 15-year-old, it made a whole lot of difference, i should think. since i am always around with roha and huda, these babes exude more sexymexy and comeerecomeere styles upon moi so that cepat-sikit-suessy-ada-boyfriend. whereas with the earlier two, everything is playful and simple stuffs/designs. in qieqie’s word, “blank”, to which i corrected, “you mean plain. yes, i do prefer the brown than the black/pink/green (although the black ribbon is really playfully sexy between my toes).”

roha: i kata pakai lipstick colour, pakai lea! sampai bila nak pale je…

so when i thought of hanging out with najwa over the weekend, i was telling myself… gosh, duit dah tak ade, nak lepak mana? knowing this girl, walaupun very humble but i’m the one yang nak glamorosity lebih – i wanted to go here and there. hang out sana sini. with everyone within the geography, they are all paged and the location is supposedly midvalley but i landed in the golden triangle instead – wayyy much later.

this is how the pussycat sings it, “but be careful what you wished for cause you. just. might. get. it.”

over lunch on Saturday, Dad passed the money to Mum on behalf of qieqie to mend the scars on Vesper. there you go, crispy RM50 notes in your hand. i was just after accompanying aneeza to Shanny’s to do her very-stylish-mini-kurung that only Shanny can do and i snapped a few pictures from Eh! zine that aneeza brought along for references hence the first thing i wanted to do was to buy new cloth!!! to which just a few nanoseconds later Mum kindly reminded moi to keep it for Vesper’s insurance… ha ha ha ha (a la PCD’s When I Grow Up).

on the same note, i was impressed with Eh!. oui, i admit i am too ignorant about malay media publications, thanks too blablabla and the famous lines, “bagi mereka yang inginkan kelainan…” that i loathed so much, i gotta say… Eh! is impressive with their current bridal issue.

once we – najwa, moi, qieqie – dropped our Mums at the convention centre, the nearest place to kill the time was pavillion. it’s my first time, and i never dreamt of spending money there, knowing how luxurious its place is but yeah, there are a few affordable things there but even then i would still not able to afford it but hey… don’t i have six crispy RM50 notes and najwa’s Mum gave each of us additional RM50, so…

rate of recurrence it is.

huda: tolong lea jangan cakap kau beli handbag!
moi: ahaha! okay, it is not a handbag, tapi masih dalam keluarga bag.
huda: kau beli beg laptop?
moi: no… alaaaaa… aku memang patut beli that GOLLA, but it’s okay, masih muat untuk letak laptop still.

i recalled when asked what i would do once my relationship is over. confidently i answered –

“i will go shopping. shoppe and shoppe and shoppe. shoppe all the way. which means i will need a lot of money. and i will find that money.”

it’s truly a berani-mati statement a la mother of the anak mak who said that they will soon be a member of the Johore royal family… but at least i do not have to retract my statement – like the mother of the anak mak had to – although at the time i truly do not know where the hell the money would come from when i answered the question.

then again, i think i have done enough shopping to lived up to my statement.

so, fuck you, M to tha U to tha double M and tha double O.



La la la la Ha ha ha ha.