Eye Candies

The place to be for the summer is Beijing.

The opening ceremony was mindblowing, eye popping and sooo beyond. All the participants of the performances do made China proud — despite safety measures for those being cabled. They totally made humans appeared as immortals as per Greek’s common concept.

And the dresses… omigod whimsical-whimsical-whimsical! The dresses those thousand of princesses wore, the dress of the dove-hands dancers, the dress those signage bearers wore, the dress those waiting at the red carpet wore. The costume designer team did a hella of a job! And the make up was ethereal, a hella of a job as well! Do I they get to keep the dress? I wouldn’t mind not being paid if I could keep it. Especially the turqouise one.

Money well spent, people —  speaking of their preparation, the dresses, and the ticket you paid for.

I like the Australian delegates’ choice of colour. They do the blue like the sea depths – for their jacket and polo tee. And all those men in whites, and Netherlands’ outstanding choice of orange tie in the middle of grey suit.

And where’s Agong… kempunannya aku nak tengok Agong at the ceremony. Did they missed his shot or I missed his shot? I remembered saying to myself that I’ll wait til the Malaysian delegates appeared and I was glad that they came up among the first twenty-thirty? I was also, I hope they wore baju melayu/kurung and then goes, nahhh, maybe they won’t. But they did, :-).

Somehow, this kind of thing brings tears to my eyes. It’s overwhelming.

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