The Usual Suspects

Last Saturday was my aunt’s birthday which was held at some club in Ampang. We also celebrated her son’s birthday, and her son’s daughter’s birthday. Najwa reminded Mum not to get a 3-in-1 present.

The difference it makes when I, after a century, used conditioner on my hair. Sooo much difference.

The food was nice, and that nasi ambang was fabulous. I love the kerabu. And the teh tarik… omigosh! Luxuriously creamy and sinful! If I hadn’t exercised self-control, I may have cellulites up to my neck – eew!


When I arrived for class, I saw the slim Nescafe (Original) tin on Yaya’s desk. I told myself, I’m gonna find some coffee during lunch. Fahimi came over to fetch Roha, and I had McD with them. Like wifey, like hubby – Fahimi is seriously thinking of starting a blog. His cousin is still desirable.

I have also not realized how Japanese I have become. As it is common for me to say oui instead of yes, Frenching the r in every word with it — I am now saying sodeska? to expressed my surprise [read: negligence] towards certain assignments.

Rafiq didn’t attend the first seminar so he missed my press conference. Rafiq is a graphic designer, and I thought he would be exempted from the Graphic and Layout class but he was still there anyway. He is the saviour to us all un-graphic-softwares enthusiasts.

So the conversation started:
Moi: Rafiq, kau on-call untuk aku tau.
Rafiq: Okey, sejam=dua ringgit. Eh… kau kan ade laki kau?
Moi: Not anymore.

And then Rafiq got sooo… inquisitive. He didn’t asked what happened – he asked when did it happened, and he got so helpful to find me prospects, he’s listing names of graphic designers he knew. Interesting. Mental note to self, get closer with Rafiq –  we hardly clicked anyway – as Eda pointed out, she is the only friend I’ve got… siottt – and he’s actually just very nice. He’s younger a year (I think) than moi but this is not a turned off lately since I am embracing the idea of (not so) older woman with a few years (less than five) younger partner. Like Christian Bale and Sibi Blazic.

On the fourth class, I saw another slim Nescafe (Latte) tin on Raymee’s desk. It was intriguing as the design is different that I thought it’s a new flavour – McD also got this new burger Big N Tasty, sedap ke? – and I realized I did not caffeine-fixed myself. Must get coffee.

Later in the evening, the usual suspects couldn’t make it for the ritual gathering since Raymee is feeling feverish, Shahril had to go straight back because his wife nags him for arriving home late – he lives in Manjung. At a glance Raymee looked like Ari Gold with the wide forehead, and he asked who is that, and Rafiq told him that’s one of those Entourage characters. Right on… Rafiq stated that it’s his favourite show. So it’s the other group of usual suspects at the gathering, Eda, Yaya, Rafiq, Aby and her husband… Abang Wan showed up later with – Shahril. Shahril just couldn’t disinvite himself when it’s Abang Wan calling for his presence. And I forgot about my caffeine fix since I was still wishing for that yesterday’s luxuriously creamy teh tarik – which I ordered – and thank God it came out right, puas hati lea I had a good drink.

We briefly talked about singledom and Rafiq made this conclusion on moi –
Rafiq: Aku rasa… mungkin golongan graphic designer tak sesuai untuk kau.
Moi: Ye lahhh, graphic designers are all emotional.

And I did not know Aby’s husband is a graphic designer when I meant the statement to teased Rafiq. It was hilarious when Aby consolled her husband – and that was the first time I ever met her husband pulak tu. Fabulous.

I asked Rafiq why wouldn’t he give me a shot so I could make out a checklist on graphic designers. What he answered was –
“Nahhh, market aku belum bukak lagi. Bila aku dah 28, 29 nanti.”

Hmm… it was previously discussed with – sape ntah, but one my many usual suspects – the ideal age for a guy to get married is 28-30 and the ideal age for a girl to get married is 24-26. If so, it means that my market is already opened. Still… being that I am appreciating this singledom, there’s much more to learn on being on your own, weeding out the non-committals, and battling out all those negativities, insecurities and common misconceptions.

As in Weewit’s words –
“It happens all the time.”