Nigel: Hey, Trent, who’s that chick you brought to Hans’ wedding… Alisha, right?
Trent: Yeah. Why?
Nigel: What’re you guys… story? Update? Anything?
Trent: Nothing. We uhh… haven’t met ever since.
Nigel: You’re kidding.
Trent: No I’m not. She’s busy, and I’m busy.
Nigel: Right.
Shawn: So really, you guys don’t even keep in touch?
Trent: She called…
Shawn: When?
Trent: Last… couple of weeks ago.
Nigel: You don’t call her?
Trent: Nope.
Nigel: Hm.
Shawn: Hm.
Trent: What?
Nigel: Nothing.
Shawn: I like her.
Nigel: Me too.
Shawn: She’s awfully nice… I don’t think she faked it.
Nigel: That never crossed my mind.
Trent: What’re you guys getting at?
Nate: Who are we talking about here?
Shawn: The girl Trent brought with him to Hans’ wedding.
Nigel: Alisha.
Trent: You know her.
Nate: I do?
Trent: Not that you’ve met her and talked to her, but you guys may have crossed paths.
Nate: Ohh, she’s that chick from – dept, right?
Trent: Yup.
Nate: The one you asked for her number and went out for drinks immediately after?
Trent: Yeah.
Nate: And you brought her to Hans’ wedding?
Trent: That… I did.
Nate: You asked her?
Trent: She happened to call me at the time I was looking at the invitation. Impromptu. Impulsive.
Nate: How did it go?
Nigel: Like Shawn said, she was awfully nice.
Trent: Right, I hear you. Where are we going with this conversation?
Nigel: Nowhere, I guess.
Shawn: We just like her.
Nigel: Yeah, we do.
Nate: Wait a minute, you guys saying she’s awfully nice… what kind of nice?
Shawn: Nice as in Trent is stupid.
Trent: Excuse me?
Nigel: The amount of her niceness could rivaled Trent’s stupidity of… not keeping in touch with her.
Trent: And I have to do that because you both like her?
Shawn: No. It’s hard these days to find a girl who, will not only put your interest first, she even puts your friend’s interest first for your own convenience.
Nigel: Yeah. She’s like… E’s Sloan.
Nate: That chick from Entourage?
Nigel: Yeah.
Trent: I just knew her, and that was only the second date.
Shawn: Yeah, but can’t you see how she makes herself adaptable to the situation? She’s really too damn nice.
Nate: Trent doesn’t like a too damn nice chick. He likes chicks who give him trouble.
Nigel: Oh yeah, I forgot about that.
Shawn: See… stupid.