An Excess of Phlegm

Didn’t I Do All These Already?

See, as much as I am always fashionably flunked and flopped, running back and forth between Roha and Anysz, I do know how to choose those styles that never follows the trend but what I picked in between those trends would be deemed by moi as timeless – because I’m a never-bother-so-gotta-be-practical freak.

How much more insecure I could be…

High Up

Crop Up

Bug Up

Fashion is… everything that is wrong but you can’t deny it’s stylish with the irony that it’s timeless.

+ + +

The weather has been crueled to Mum and moi, too much phlegm at that, blocking the holes and pores on my head, I’m just waiting for moments of it to blew up. M inquired about Mum – see, that damn trick of oops!-incorrectly-sent-text works, okay – thank you, darling.

There was this wedding that I so anticipated in Shah Alam, one of our extended families who are welcoming two daughters-in-law. It’s a sit down lunch – the kind I always like because you get to poise and sell and play/get contacts, haha. It must have been a good one – though highly religious and, err, politically whatever. DSAI was there, and I would so much wanted to meet him… would it send me shivers, because meeting Tun Dr M last time was mind blowing – this is the impression you get out of orang yang berilmu. The Tuan Guru couldn’t make it due to his health – this is one of the most remarkable people I had love to meet in person too though I was disappointed to see him as one of those people supporting the use of Merc on NST’s Friday frontpage.

I was hysterical when Mum said we missed it. She said if she’d known I would still go despite the terrible sinus – after I explained to her the endorphin would helped me get through it – she’d told her sister to pick me up. Then again, Shah Alam is always a negara panas. Yuck.