Over Analyzing!

I don’t like this feeling. It is jumping up and down inside me. Tak boleh nak suruh duduk diam. Like I have this inner child growing inside of me. Something like the monster Harry had inside his chest when he first started noticing Ginny.

I don’t know it’s so hard or I didn’t know it is this hard?

Second guessing, third guessing, fourth guessing. Consultations, theory discussions, the time spent is only to talk about my probabilities. So kan, terima kasih kepada mereka yang menyertai VSS (Voluntary Suessy-counselling Scheme) ini yang tidak memberikan sebarang pulangan dalam bentuk wang ringgit sejuk dan keras (cold hard cash) tetapi kasih sayang yang berbelah bahagi berdasarkan kelapangan masa dan wang ringgit… haha!

Roha: Right now, believe that this is the best that has been set for you.

+ + +

Suka tengok Sachi mengajar Masao how to love her. Sangat funny and naive and innocent and kelakaruuu – expect moi in Japanese slang these days… walaupun tak betul. Driving Vesper felt like Kyoko driving her little red Opel, learning to talk and bowing your head at the same time, observing which premise practices the ultimate humbleness a la Japanese way of greeting their customers.

Roha: (she said something here… I couldn’t recall).
Moi: Dosh-teyyy (Japanese for Why?) Eh, bukan, this is not what I’m supposed to say. It’s supposed to be, Sok-kha (Japanese for Really?).
Roha: (suppressing her laugh since she’s at the office).

Haiiihhh poyooo. Pardon the terrible spelling. My course of program, with its exceptional mode, only offers Mandarin and Arabic for third language class. None of them appeal to me, amid its importance.

For now, I want to learn how to say these in Japanese: Sorry! This is too direct isn’t it? This is hardly dignified. I can’t control myself.
Sensei Sachi: Aahh.. go-meh! Shi-ku-yo-neh? Shi-ku shi-ku! Aahh… mohh… atashi wo kajaii nashi! Kat-ta yuki-u.

Doesn’t make sense is it? LMAO.

Ini pun Sachi nak kena ajar Masao. Walk a little bit slower so we can have more time together. Can I touch you? I don’t want to go home so can I stay at your place?

To which Anysz asked moi: Kau berani nak ‘fess up?

+ + +

Oh babes, I did DIY threading… the area bawah the nose and on the upper lip? Takpe, the pain is within my control. Boleh handle. Antara berani tak berani lea jugak but the zone is now hair-free.

+ + + 

A sample of  Roha’s wedding video clip. That’s not moi.

+ + +

Tomorrow… we’re meeting Carrie Bradshaw and the gang! Merci, Roha, merci, merci, merci for thee tickets!!! Rasa nak menitis air mata. Melonjak-lonjak. Menggedik-gedik. Start puasa, sebab esok kena kurus. Sanggup tak nak makan. Bagi Vesper makan, takpe. Dia perlukan kelinciran – perjalanan – untuk membawa ku dari KJ to JKL, okey?


Life doesn’t always turned out to be your fantasy that’s why you need friendships that are real to get you through it all.

The second part of the line rang so true to moi.