Prettier Without Make Up

The wedding preparation is supposedly a family affair. But Roha has successfully included us in the process, making it a one very reminiscing moment. I have held this back for so long, these are outdated updates. But I just had to give it a full and as thorough spread as I could (as if this is a magazine – oh well, I am after all, the Anna Wintour lookalike) so that there’s always some place to visit when things go wrong…


The final summon to Roha’s before the big day was the hennarization. I took a day off on June 27th way earlier and I told Nurlin to get an MC because it is highly unlikely that Miin would approve both of our leave on the same day. However, surprise, surprise, I received a schedule to my inbox that “For Your Information: Nurlin F- is on Annual Leave.” Miin, besides Anysz and Farizz, Aneeza and Cordee, Nazz, are well aware of Roha’s wedding, all of them have been pretty supportive and understanding of our commitment working on it. The seniors wished Nurlin and moi to have a great weekend before we left on Thursday evening even though I have been bracing myself for a superexhausting and euphorical one.

Nurlin came straight to my house after work, and I scrambled to packed up clothes, toiletries, darling Travis’ necessities, and deciding whether to bring the laptop or not. I decided not to because I don’t think there will be time to do anything else, besides I have already fully downloaded my eternal favourite J-dorama, Beautiful Life, along with its OST!!! That came with a price, though… Trojan was interested to make itself at home on my machine.

Back to moi…

I took some time to bathe. Picked up the earrings and necklaces I would wear throughout the weekends, and on the special day which then I left it on the dresser because I forgot to put it straight into the duffel. Huda has been calling me now and then, she’s really slowing moi down, really, babe, haha! Alrite, I admit I made both Nurlin and moi late because I wasn’t sure if I have packed everything already.

Anysz called too…
Anysz: Tengah bersiap nak pegi rumah Roha ke, babe?
Moi: Yea… the wedding’s this Saturday.
Anysz: I see… mari lea dinner dengan aku dan Farizz dulu…
Moi: Tempted, tapi dah lambat. Nurlin pun lapar also, but we are sooo late.
Anysz: Tak ape lah… have fun!
Moi: Talk to you soon!

We got out at 8.15pm (very late already!), super hungry, counting our luck that hopefully the paycheck is cashed into our account, and our Lucy’s and Vesper’s tank is almost empty.

Arriving at the first petrol pump…

Arriving at the second petrol pump…

We went to the bank itself (the money is in, thank God!) and got back to the first petrol pump to fill up. Huda called again, when we were about to join Federal Highway, to which I said, “Don’t talk to me right now! I’m late!” and Huda hang up on moi, haha! Nurlin and I sets out at our own speed (traffic jam, latest obstacle).

When we eventually arrived at Roha’s doorstep, the first thing Huda said to moi, “Kau period ke, hah?!” Muizz was there, and so was Roha’s sister, Kak Ayu, Roha’s cousin, Dila, and also Olyera. The henna mistress was  already doing Roha’s hands.

Didn’t I mention that both Nurlin and I was hungry? Domino’s pies were already waiting for us when we arrived and it was… heaven! Double decker pulak tu, okay… pergh! Screw the diet!

The thing about having a boyfriend at times like this is that you have yourself a photographer. Since I don’t have one, but Huda has so I took advantage of her boyfriend, Muizz. Another thing, though, bila you assigned your camera to a guy who has a girlfriend yang suka ambik gambar, and that the boyfriend also suka ambik gambar girlfriend dia sorang-sorang… macam kamera tu ade owner partnership, okay, haha!

The three of us, Huda, Nurlin, and moi being cheese overdose on top of it was enough to make us hyper and that activates the camwhoring button. Muizz clicks Travis II away, and I love candid shots, and the three of us alone, again, is enough to bring the house down. Howling and cackling and shrieking after we see those ‘accidental’ shots of ours. Kesian Roha kena diammm je terperuk on the chair watching us since she’s doing the hennarization.

Later, Roha’s parents joined us for awhile and Roha’s longtime neighbour, Mimi, arrived straight from work.

Since Roha was momentarily handicapped, Huda dengan penuh perasaan charitable menjadi penyuap dinner untuk Roha. Told Roha that I had list of names who passed their congratulations to her through moi and she was so nice to tell me to invite them to come. Farizz got his wish granted since he did dengan tak malunya before asked me to get an invitation for him and Anysz. Farhan called up and he talked craps like it was five years ago… susah sangat. If it happens, it happens… yeayyy!

Huda didn’t stay for the night as she’s on a half-day leave tomorrow, and Nurlin, although on AL, has a doctor’s appointment the next morning. Only Kak Ayu, Dila, Mimi, and I stayed with Roha and we slept well until 2 am… or was it 3, babe? We have to-do lists waiting the next six hours.


The ladies in the house got up around 10am. Roha went for her facial, and the rest of us went to KL to get the flowers for the meja pengantin. Mimi was howling nonstop throughout the ride, in the annoying sort of way and since I have been drinking Sprite last night with the pies, I am getting the pre-migraine. Previously chocolate and caffeine are my migraine triggers, but now it’s anything citrus-y and grapes. Especially oranges. I never like oranges anyway, especially the culture of ordering, “Fresh orange” as much as those TVB and Japanese dramas’ characters ordering coffee over a confrontation (among those climax scenes in the drama) in a restaurant. I bought Actifast but MCK (Minyak Cap Kapak) is not available at the Shell’s kiosk when we stopped for petrol. Kak Ayu assured that she has one since she, like moi, believe in ‘never leave home without it (MCK)’.

Mimi was seriously talking nonstop, aku tak tahan betul. She sits in the passenger’s seat, Kak Ayu is driving, Dila sat behind Mimi so the only angle to talk to is moi where Mimi only needs to turn back and keep on talking. This is one of my antiques. I will deliberately and obviously and directly start to ignore people who don’t stop talking. As in the words of Aneeza, “Engkau mampu untuk memperlihatkan perasaan sebenar kau tanpa sebarang filter.” The three things I couldn’t shake off about the experience are one of those pengantin songs she belted out a la Aretha Franklin within the confinement of the Honda City (imagine the magnitude), a new 10 ringgit watch that she repetitively says she’s going to buy because the last 10 ringgit watch is gone, and can’t stop making fun of the word batang (among the errands in the list is to get four sticks for the bunga manggar).

Once we parked the car, Mimi and Dila went for that 10 ringgit watches while Kak Ayu and I go to Mydin for the batang-s, more henna (since Kak Ayu wants to touch up hers because her designd didn’t turned that bright orange), and Zip chocolates for the kids’ giveaway. The thing about being in the low price hypermarket is that it gets you crazy, kan, don’t you? Mimi and Dila later joined us and they showed off their new 10 ringgit watch that made me want to get one too. Then they showed the hairclip they picked out from the trolleys that is within my reach – I picked seven shark hairclips that cost 50 cent each. Tamak, kan?

So then… what else were we looking for? I know I was looking for a kain to make a new kebaya or kurung moden for Juejue’s coming wedding. Her theme colour is green apple. Mum pointed out that she listened to a radio conversation how some brides got pushed back when everyone followed the theme colour. “Langsung tak ade distinction!” I picked out a blue-gray kebaya batik which Kak Ayu helped to bargained from RM65 to RM53 to RM50. I think the design is something different. It’s ultra-classic though Kak Ayu said I should wear brighter colours since I am the age for it, but this is just the plain moi who fell in love at first sight. One of my rules to buy something is, if I’m not screaming for it, then forget it. Kak Ayu, Dila, and Mimi did pointed out a few other colours, the turquoise, the brighter and friendlier blue, the aqua green, the purple but I felt like it looked too… ordinary. So in the end, I purchased the blue-gray before I start trashing inside the car asking Kak Ayu to make a U-turn for it. There.

Then Dila stopped at a scarf shop and I got Mum a gray one since she’s been saying she wants a new gray because the old one gone missing. Then Kak Ayu stopped at a brooch shop and I go picking up every silver and clear brooch for Mum. In a way, these are gratitude gifts for letting me get Travis II. And then we’re done at that area. And Mimi wants to catch a train to see the boyfriend. Thank God for the latter, haha!

After Mimi is dropped at LRT Masjid Jamek, we went to Petaling Street for the flowers. Arriving at the shop, Kak Ayu warned moi, “Suraya, jangan pandang depan…” I didn’t get her at first, I was busy looking at the flowers. I love the lilies. For my wedding, I want lilies, and lilies, and lilies. Also for my graduation, I don’t want roses, I want lilies. At least I do know Roha will get me one. There was, ready for delivery, a bouquet of pink piggies… hehe. I think the delivery guy shot me an offended look because I was definitely oogling at it but oh well. After Kak Ayu finished the deal with the florist about the flower arrangement, then only I get what she meant of not looking straight ahead. There’s the bag shop. I was complaining that the bag I bought for Roha’s wedding, its straps are already broken. Since I already spent on the cloth, scarf, and brooch, Kak Ayu knows it I should not spend anymore… but one just couldn’t help it, kan? We dropped by at the shop, having those three greasy guys coaxing us to buy the replica Chloe bag for RM180. We weren’t interested and we have to head Ampang for the cake as well.

Before to Ampang however, we went to the optometric since Kak Ayu wants to get the gray contact lens. She did have trouble of choosing between the honey colour, blue, and gray before finalizing it. Eventually, gray it is and it took Kak Ayu almost twenty minutes to put on the left one because somehow, she keeps missing it. I don’t understand that since I just don’t bother but I cheered for Kak Ayu, “beauty is pain!” To which Kak Ayu replied, “Suraya, lepas ni pegi threading!” Tak naaaaakkkkk!!!

I fell asleep on the drive to Ampang (hot and sticky, it’s already noon). The cakemaker’s house is in Kg Melayu. The house is supernice. I love it. There are things everywhere! A lot of colours, a lot of knick knacks, a lot of candies and eyecandies! I love the ceiling, the kitchen, the patio… sangat-sangat suka. The gate has the irons spelling RUMAH KITA. Nice… totally. There was a wheelbarrow full of oyster shells and a cake on top of it to which Kak Siti explained, they’re trying to lose the icings (if my mind served me correctly). I could not stopped myself from snapping pictures that Kak Siti said, “Dia ni, tak habis-habis ambik gambar… kalah orang NST!”

Mama, Kak Siti’s mother, looked at me and asked this: Umur berapa ni? Lapan belas?
To which of course lea aku giggling guling-guling. Kak Ayu gawked like she can’t believe what she heard and told Mama, “18 ni.. ?! Mama, dia tujuh tahun lagi tua!” And Mama looked at me again and said, “25? … mesti pakai Botox!” And then Dila self-claimed that she’s seventeen… haha, lagi teruk! Mama asked about boyfriends and we told her that we’re single and Mama blamed us saying that we’re too choosy.

Moi: Bukan memilih, tapi asyik jumpa yang jahat je…
Dila: Betul!

Also, the boxes for the cakes were custom made by Kak Siti’s husband. Shweeeet and ultracreative kan… buat sampai pukul 5 pagi, tersengguk-sengguk macam burung belatuk tapi beria jugak nak buat. Dah habis siapkan kotak mengadu lapar. Kawaiii.

On the way home, Kak Ayu asked moi whether I am already strong these days. I said I’m okay, but I admit that I could not for the life of me imagine the fright it’d get me if I would one day bumped into the two of them. The fright I’m talking about is the magnitude of the pain that would be rushing in, it’s unimagineable. I’m too scared of how it would turned out that I might go hysterical and make sure I nail my heels on their face first to overcome it. Just maybe.

We stopped at Secret Recipe for Kak Ayu wanted to buy 60 pieces of brownies to give away to Fahimi’s family. Then we find a mamak to tapau since it’s already 5pm and the last we ate was 10am. I told Kak Ayu that it’s be better if we park and eat instead of takeaway so that when we got home, we don’t have to think about clearing up. Kak Ayu insisted on takeaways so Dila and I waited inside the car. Once Dila properly parked the car, I caught my sight on this guy. I told Dila and the both of us oogled on him. Baru habis kerja niterus dinner kot. Sorang je? Sure tak ade girlfriend (at least pada masa itu)? Yup, dia makan sorang-sorang. Handsome, I saw his face when he tuned to the waiter. Tau macam sape… oui, Chuck Bass, baby.

When Kak Ayu came with the food, we told her about the guy to which she smiled, “Dia duduk depan akak tadi. Best tau kitorang banyak kali buat eye contact.”



Huda and Muizz arrived. Then Nurlin arrived, bringing Sam in tow to carry your highness’ lip lap lip lap orange kebaya. Roha is pushing us out of the house the soonest possible to decorate the hall (we’re running out of time). She’s desperate, edgy, exhausted, suffocating, troubled, worried, and everything else to expect in a bride-to-be’s mentality before the day.

Nurlin, Huda, Muizz and I tried to helped and accomodated as much as we could, bringing as many things as Vesper and Muizz’s Gen2 could carry, at the same time camwhoring along the way – multitasking, okay? We arrived at the hall and started doing what we were assigned to do. Roha told moi to look on the dais, the flowers arrangement, and the bunga manggar supervision. Roha was supermenakutkan at that time too, she was like, I-Don’t-Know, I’m-Not-Gonna-Talk, I-Don’t-Care, I’m-Not-Gonna-Answer-The-Phone!!! so we were threading on thin ice, sorta. Muka tensionnn je. The hall got some smell, Roha went out to get Febreeze. Fahimi came with Zaidi and Fahimi got his other younger brother showing off the new Nikon that Roha asked moi to check its price at previously.

A few of Roha’s relatives came along doing the bunga pahar, Iris and Olyera arrived and joined our bunga manggar project. Mimi came around after her date, talking with Nurlin (ha ha ha) as I just kept my mouth shut and furiously texting Farhan about my own mental disorder handling the pressure of the preparation. We actually had to re-do the bunga manggar since it doesn’t look right the first time and the wrapper is not penetrateable by the sticks, so Huda and Muizz went out to look for aluminium foil.

We realized that we were not able to finish what we started as Roha said we all had to leave since the guard will only allow us to stay there until 12 am. We had to leave then, after clearing up the used papercups and collecting the bottles and stuffed it into the car. The bunga manggar had to be brought home too as Mimi found the aluminium foil and we will continue finishing it at home.

The best therapy for tensed and packed brain? B-I-T-C-H-I-N-G. Nurlin and I got into the car and sped to Old Town since we were somewhat hungry, somewhat not, and Nurlin wants to smoke and I think I want a naughty dessert. Merapu. I started talking at the top of my voice as I drive while Nurlin puffed away with the window down. Arrived Old Town and Roha called us up, saying that the bridesmaids need to be briefed about the walk since we didn’t get to do the rehearsal. So we told her to come to Old Town. “Cepat, cepat, B-I-T-C-H, sebelum diorang sampai, haha!” I ordered blueberry ice cream and tuna sandwich and Coke, and Nurlin ordered Spirulina drink and those soft boiled eggs like I am so surprised. I know everybody eats soft boiled eggs but I imagined the women eat it at home and the men ordered it at the mamak. And Nurlin ordered it at a kopitiam… I feel sooo beyond. Jakun.

Soon Roha arrived and she ordered curry mee which I finished the third part of it, Iris and Olyera joined us later and Huda with Muizz went to Shah Alam to pick up something whatever. We talked about the rehearsal, finalized it, and Iris and Olyera headed home since it’s already 1 am. The three of us hang out for a while then we went back too. Huda was just a few minutes lewat after she got back from SA to joined us. We met at home.

Arrived to the apartment, there’s Mimi and Kak Ayu. I went into the shower. Nurlin just had to smoke again before sleeping that I locked her out at the balcony. After she finished her ciggie, she gave a knock on the sliding doors. That got Huda’s attention and obviously I ignored it but enough to witness Nurlin doing a striptease to pujuk Huda to unlock the sliding doors – to which Huda immediately unlocked them before she became traumatized. Without having to ask Mimi, I found the aluminium foil, put on Trent to listened to Timbaland’s Bounce and started working on the bunga manggar. There were four, so I did two and Nurlin did two. Done. Sleep.


Mama Huda/ Mama Raffy kejutkan kami. Buat air mey-lo dan hidangkan cupcakes yang manis giler berperisa lemon lemak berkrim (makan je, orgasmic siottt). Harry arrived as Kak Ayu picked him up from home to do Roha’s make up. He’s so totally friendly that the first thing he said to me as I am still ruffling out of the sofabed, “Baru bangun tidur, ya?” I apologized for such a scene out of me but he just smiled.

Nurlin is the only one that would accompany Roha to the mosque for the akad so she got up and dressed early. Mimi already left to look over the hall’s last minute preparation. Huda passed me the scarves Roha would be wearing to iron and I got nervous doing it, worrying that I’m holding Roha and she would be late to arrive. Harry transformed Roha beautifully, Shanny tailored the dress to perfection, and Kak Ayu beaded it whimsically. Supernice indeed.

After Roha and Nurlin left for the mosque, Muizz arrived with nasi lemak (yeayyy!) and Roha called up saying that she forgot to put on her jewels. They were ready to turned back but I told her that I got Muizz to help to send the items and meet them at the mosque. Kak Ju arrived to do the bridesmaids’ make up and the first to do it is of kross lea Mama Raffy. I got in later and the part that I liked is when they backcombing my hair. I love big hair. However, Kak Ju was hilang punca to do my hair since it’s too soft, and little because it’s short so, Harry, ever the most down-to-earth person, offered to do my hair. I love Harry to death and I know he knows his stuff and the best part of it, despite he’s a well-paid professional, he does my hair F-O-C. And not only mine, also for Iris’ and Olyera’s.

This is why it’s a 100K wedding for moi – the dress, the shoe, the food, the lilies, and darling Harry (insya Allah).

Around 11 like that Roha and Nurlin got back and congratulations to her for selamat dinikahkan with Fahimi. Not much time to celebrate for she has to get ready for the wedding. Nurlin told Huda and I when she and Roha got to the mosque, they were shocked to find that there were four or more photographers. They are doing everything, the official, unofficial, candid, camwhoring, everything. When they wanted to potrait Roha at the mosque, Nurlin was just mechanically interframing but she managed to hold herself and pulled out of the shot, haha!

When I looked at myself after I’m done, I was ready to cry kicking and screaming. I called up Farhan for an ultra emergency session.

Moi: I looked so different… so… so… I am never going to make up!!! Farhan, I am prettier without make up, okay, remember that!!!
Farhan: Kenapa, teruk sangat ke?
Moi: Farhan, I looked like Saloma!!!
Farhan: (hyena laughs). Saloma lea best, payudara kau besar tak sekali?

12.30 pm, we moved to the hall, found Annie Devi and tied up her corsage. I saw Dharmen and both Huda and I screamed seeing him, it’s been awhile not seeing him, such a pleasant surprise. Got out, and start assigning the dulang hantaran and ended that there is no extra dulang left for moi. I ended being the maid-of-honour instead. So much for the highlight – great, they’re all seeing the reincarnation of Saloma. Even my Mum and bro took a moment to recognize it’s me as the entourage entered the hall.

I met antabax who is actually Nurlin’s WANGERS’ Aima’s boyfriend and Roha’s work colleague and eew, dah lea masa aku bermekap. Prettier, without make up, okay, I’m sure Azmeer would know that then since he saw the other pictures anyways and bukannya boleh aku nak tackle ponnn. Farhan reminded me to look up on Izhar which was Roha’s friends and Farhan’s friends – “Putih, chinese look, taste engkau.” Izhar was okay lea but not as desirable as the guy he brought along. I also met Izam the ex work colleague and Sree, the guy who made peace with me. Zaidi and his friends were gawking at my transformation since the first and last time they met me was the night I rapped – “Whouuu, Saloma!”

We flirted with the photographers (of krosss) wanting to see the pictures taken. Azizil, one of them, commented that I looked different and again to anyone who would listened, that that I am prettier without make up. Iris got the hots for him and all of us exchanged e-mail addresses, hoping for the pictures before he sent them to Fahimi. Nurlin got the hots for the videographer – Jabbe.

The wedding ended, we cleaned up a bit, picking up what’s left and leave the others for the volunteers to clear it out. Zaidi reminded us to be there at Fahimi’s side. Fahimi asked if I’m staying around and I told him that I would need to bring down the hair first.

The four of us – Huda, Muizz, Nurlin and moi didn’t went back to Roha’s straight away. We went for another therapy session to chill. After a couple of hours exchanging stories, gossips, recaps, and dirts, we head to Roha’s. Freshen up, took some cake, kisses, and then head home. I recalled a conversation between Huda and Fahimi.

Huda: Fahimihhh.
Fahimi: (exhausted) Ye.
Huda: Tengok lea inai ni, cantik tak?
Fahimi: Cantik… macam orang Sarawak punya tatu tu…


So we meet again after a whole week for the wedding at Fahimi’s side. Sazali took a look at our pictures at Roha’s side and the first thing he commented on moi which I have agreed long time ago:
“Buruknya kau! Kau kahwin nanti tolong lea jangan mekap!”

I’ve always like to dramatized the eyes and highlight the lips only. Tak reti to colour satu muka.

The day before I went to the optometric to have my ELLE glasses’ screws tightened since Huda like it so much. What happened after that was I got myself a new sunglasses.

Moi: Mak ade sunglasses baru lea nyahhh.
Nurlin: Pakai lea esok, kita jadi Nicole and Paris!
Moi: Tapi aku tak ade anakkk… boyfriend pun tak ade!

Nurlin came over to my house the morning of the wedding, and we went up to Roha’s. Nurlin made the tea and Huda set up the nasi lemak and ayam goreng that Fahimi bought. Fahimi was hopelessly trying to iron the easily-crumpled and superhard to iron gray baju Melayu. We felt kesian but it did crossed my mind why is Fahimi wearing gray when it’s supposed to be white? So at first Huda beria-ia to help to iron the baju for Fahimi and then only we learn that the baju is meant for the best man. So the task is then passed to moi – sebab aku single, kan?!

Moi: Who’s the best man?
Roha: Cousin Fahimi.
Moi: Fahimi, handsome tak your cousin?
Fahimi: Sesungguhnya keturunan kami semuanya handsome-handsome belaka. Dan dia bawak Jazz.
Roha: B, you tolong lea carikan boyfriend untuk Suraya, I dah pening fikir calon-calon for her (diikuti suara sumbang dari Huda sebagai efek latar).

Hmm, when the cousin arrived, terus no no no. Not my type. Tapi bila tengok lama-lama, he’s supersweet. I love – love – his eyes. But then, he’s pendiam, I bet sangat segan giler, and provided no room for chit chatting – at all.

When we’re about to leave for Seremban, noted sangat that he’s driving the Jazz alone. Kak Ayu, Mimi, Roha and Fahimi got into their Jazz. Penny, Gee, and Kak Azza arrived to join the convoy as well. Huda, Nurlin, Muizz and moi bundled up in the Gen2 and we’re off.

Along the way Roha called up and I think she got the bug already, panicking, worrying, anxiety attack and all that. We told her to keep smiling and have happy thoughts – must be the karaoke part – and she said, “I naik salah kereta lea. Patut naik dengan korang. You pun sama, kenapa tak naik dengan Hisham?!” Then Huda suggested to Muizz to drive passed Roha’s Jazz and the three of us waved at Roha furiously, telling her that we will always be there no matter what… we love her to death. I like this part of the roadtrip so much. Sangat heartfelt.

We stopped at the mosque because some of them got trapped in the traffic, which included Roha’s maid of honour.

Roha: Hah, Suraya jadi pengapit I. You dengan Hisham sama tinggi tak?
Muizz: Okay, pengapit dengan pengapit sila naik kereta yang sama, ya.
Kak Ayu: Suraya patut naik dengan dia dari rumah tadi. Kesian dia travel sorang-sorang.

Ha ha ha ha. Bertuah. I got into the car with him and… keras. Ntah lea, nervous and all that. Buat cool je, makanya terlebih cakap. Sikit terlebih lea kot compared to him yang sangat sangat sangat pemalu, haha. Habis situ je.

But then, when we arrived at the house, the maid-of-honour made it and resumed her place. We walked to the house with Zaidi and he boasted about bringing three dates to the wedding. The photographer brought a different group this time so Azizil and Jabbe was not around to be seen. Nurlin threw a mini tantrum as there were not much eyecandies anyway. We stayed until around three and only then did Fahimi’s friends arrived and I saw Syed for the first time in the flesh. But I was then too tired to bother and we headed home.

Anysz called as we’re just about to leave and I told her I’m experiencing a major breakdown. That’s where my life continues to here. I put on Trent, the ever faithful serenader to me and put on repeat mode for Jason Mraz’s Details in the Fabric. I fell asleep with tears in my eyes… thank God for the new sunglasses. Ini second time balik dari Negri Sembilan in tears. Not my feng shui, I should think.

We didn’t head home straight away. I woke up and realized that we have stopped for some bites at this famous ayam golek area Pantai Hillpark. Kelakar because it ended with Huda firmly not wanting to pay for the other half of the chicken. Nurlin put her money and pushed me out of the restaurant because she’s too scared to witness it.

Huda: Dia yang kata boleh order separuh. Saya order lea separuh. Saya tak nak bayar untuk yang separuh lagi ni.
Orang Kedai: Maaflah kak, budak ni baru lagi.
Huda: Habis tu sebab dia baru saya kena bayar lea? Tak payah cakap banyak, dia ambik order air pun salah.

I could have just pay the chicken and bring it home, bagi Mum and L merasa, but at the thought of how that budak baru tu ambik order… memang tak boleh blah. Tak senyum, tak bersapa, tak tanya apa-apa pun. Tunggu je kitorang  decide. Duduk sebelah meja kitorang dengan terkangkang with a pen and paper in his hands. You can stuffed yourself with the chicken-lah.. GTH.

Victory is Huda’s and they dropped Nurlin and moi at Roha’s where I took Vesper and send Nurlin home. Hang around for awhile with Nana, bitching about Designer Terulung and reading up the new KLUE and what is that magazine again, yang ada semua tokoh-tokoh politik kesayangan kau tu, Nana, termasuk Samy Vellu, kan? Haha…

Then I headed home.

Roha, 39.