Funk Fwriter

Who is the best person to greet you at home after you came from work, heavily sedated with the funk pill and pretty hyper-ly babbling away to anyone who would (unfortunately) took your call?

[welcome home, darling]

Anthony Bourdain.

He went to Paris (one of those No Reservations episodes, which Season… 1?), which I have already seen and it is the most favourite episode, seconded by the one he went to Canada (because he ate the seal’s eye raw and bloody, but I like all those foie gras dishes served to him, even though liver is the-most-not-likeable-at-all organ I would eat).

[always, always lurve this pix]

Oui, Paris is about enjoying the food served, as per one of his conclusions at the end of the episode. My Paris for now is Janggut, the stalls area nearby Taman Bahagia LRT where I would indulge into their teh tarik and nasi lemak Jun. Nasi lemak Jun only and none others because the rice itself is literally lemak you can eat it on its own. And tak kedekut kacang. I like plenty of that.

Whether I’m being cheapskate or not, or if I have to pau Farizz sekali pun, I enjoy the food served and the company I’m with at Janggut. That is the place I first headed after I met arwah for the last time and camwhored throughout the evening with Anysz and Cordee. Anysz, Farizz and I frequented the place lately and my laughters echo throughout the spread. Yeah, look at me, look at me.

Farizz friended with one of those guys, Prakash, and he told Anysz and I that Prakash was transferred from… Saji (the nearby mamak restaurant – you can even order from there although you are sitting at the stalls area… those guys from the stalls do delivery by crossing the road to Saji to get your tom yam or ciggies)? I am not sure whether I got my facts right or not – lantak lea! Anysz was amused with the fact by commenting, “Wow, diorang ade internal transfer yea antara restoran mamak dan gerai mamak.”

When I finally jejak the real Paris, I think I’ll survive by its breads, the croissant. The simple, plain and original croissants. You know how orgasmic it is just savouring the lemak of the croissant? Oouhh la la. I think Kak Najah might have been there already, she told me once she went to – where was that, Maldives? – when I forwarded to her pictures of this hotel and its luxury services offered… hello, aku cuma forward e-mail (macam kita biasa-biasa buat bila buat-buat tak ade kerja di pejabat) and she replied to me mentioning that she had been there. I was soooo jealous. Kak Najah travels a lot, and Kak Najah dropped by here too, so hello Kak Najah, merci for viewing my rambling spot.

Also, Anthony Bourdain makan durian, okay? Not that I’m a big fan, but I could not be with one who despises it also. I ultra-despised this one particular stupid person who said he had eaten far worst things and durian is nastier than whatever he had ever eaten. Engkau pun tak reti makan durian… saper suruh telan terus? Aren’t these certain Caucasians stupid?