Kru-Syel or Kru-(bahasa baku)

Dearest You-Know-Who,
As much as I have menyusahkan you by practically demanding you to counselled me with my break up, depression, men, catfights, and latest a particular possible prospect husband despite your upcoming wedding stress… feel free to just send a line to my e-mail or ring me. Anytime and everytime.


Dearest Everyone Else,
Please bear in mind to give your co-operation to anyone you know who is getting married, especially the bride. The bride has enough stress just at the thought of becoming a bride for the day. Even if she is anak raja sekalipun without having to think about the flowers or hairdos, look at what happened to Lady Di – even though she is not an anak raja and not in any way meant to insult her untimely departure. I meant to highlight the result of being stressed, in the most extreme way.


Dramatik, ya. Juga (bukan tapi) crucial. Crucial, okey.

“Malas nak cakap. Dah besar. Boleh fikir sendiri.”