Travis the Second

Travis the First is dying… hancus! Penglihatannya semakin rosak dan kemerah-merahan. Saya tidak lagi inginkan iPhone. Saya hendak mencari pewaris takhta Cybershotsuessy terbaru.

Dunia hari ini
Semua mahu makan donut
Semua mahu makan kek cawan
Semua mahu minum di kopitiam
Semua mahu ada kumpulan kugiran
Semua mahu bercakap bahasa Indonesia celup
Semua mahu buat dan pakai t-shirt bertulisan merapu
Semua mahu guna kamera hebat walaupun tidak begitu mahir
Semua mahu mengaku berjiwa seni dan berpakaian “old school”
Semua mahu ke gig yang tidak dilayani dan difahami pun lagunya
Semua mahu beli iPod, iPhone, iTouch, Mac, biarpun tidak berduit sangat

– Wani Ardy, May 5th 2008

Apa itu Gap?
Apa itu Zara?
Apa itu Roxy?
Apa itu Mango?
Apa itu Guess?
Apa itu Replay?
Apa itu Levi’s?
Apa itu Esprit?
Apa itu Kookai?
Apa itu Morgan?
Apa itu Topshop?
Apa itu Burberry?
Apa itu Max Mara?
Apa itu Billabong?
Apa itu Hollister?
Apa itu Forever 21?
Apa itu Quiksilver?
Apa itu Aéropostale?
Apa itu Ralph Lauren?
Apa itu Calvin Klein?
Apa itu Pierre Cardin?
Apa itu Louis Vuitton?
Apa itu Juicy Couture?
Apa itu Miss Selfridge?
Apa itu Massimo Dutti?
Apa itu French Connection?
Apa itu Abercrombie & Fitch?

Saya cuma tahu baju longgok-longgok.
Saya miskin tetapi selesa dan gembira.

Alhamdulillah. 🙂

-Wani Ardy, May 20th 2008

Been wanting to respond back to these two lists but I don’t have anything much to say. She has say it as it is, which I totally agree. Those who responded, I partially agree. And everyone else says pretty much the same thing as well. I observe that now there is two major groups among us. One is the ultrapoyoculture club (moi as one of the self-claimed members) and the other is those against the ultrapoyoculture club (moi as one of the wannabes).

Pretty much the pop kids vs the rock stars. Tak ke mana pun this syndrome. Pusing-pusing the same concept jugak. It’s only a matter of more variety to choices and the last trends would soon be buried. Then to those yang sick of seeing the newbies (read: those yang dah semakin tua dan meningkat umur), would dug back those that were buried and claimed that the oldies and retro are better than the now.

The kids now like what are new because they are growing up, doing soul-searching and finding the one true ifuckingdentity. As five years passed and these kids became mature. They would still be flooded with more newer choices. But being that those now mature kids are no more flexible about being bombarded with newer things would then dubbed those stuffs as craps, a waste, rubbish. They will then reminisce of the old times, what they used to have and do, which usually is more money-saving or the-best-things-are-free because they are more familiar with what they grew up with. It is just that.

In my humble opinion, the sicker thing in the society is those yang sanggup mengaku driving on the road for everyone to see it is a Yaris (see the fuckin’ Toyota logo on the ass?) sedangkan itu adalah obfuckingviously a MyVi. Or those yang mekapkan their wheels to look like a Lancer and would tell orang kampung it is a Lancer sedangkan itu adalah Waja semata. Atau yang suka enhancekan bontot Gen2 konon-konon what… Lotus?

The salesperson offered to Mum a free gift when she purchased Ms Lilac. The free gift is menukarkan logo Inokom kepada logo Hyundai. Both Mum and I flatly declined – true story.

Live with what you can afford or with what you can temporarily squeezed yourself to sakit sementara to get what you always wanted. Ada lebih, treat yourself, spend and share with whoever was or were with you. Once the paycheck is cashed, cleared all the bills and duduk diam-diam. Tengah kaya, jenguk kopitiam. Tengah cheapskate, lepak kat mamak. The Milan models wear flee market materials, and some things are worth its craftmanship kalau kau mampu to purchase it.

It’s a matter of being proud and comfortable of who, what, where and how you are. When feeling insecure, belajar-belajar lea to merendah diri. No need to puffed up your chest to tell everyone who cared to listen that you see celebrities everyday… tell us something new, like you hang out with them? There are people worth bitching about, walaupun dia dapat pahala, because I can’t stand rotting myself inside. Shrek said, “better to let it out then to keep it in.”

Observe the Americans, the Indonesians, the Japaneses. Why were we such suckers to copy them.. in every way? I do believe that the root of it they were loyal… to their country. So we copy their appearance, hair colour, accent, car, music. We wear their brands, guys put on make up, girls screaming feminism.

The most important thing… appreciate how some people treat you kindly and with respect. Learn something from that… I did, with the deepest and biggest impact I’ve ever known after my Mum’s influence. “Terima kasih je?” line is dead. Terima kasih, is one of the most forgotten things these days. I just don’t terima the kasih from arwah anymore, so please omit to thank me.

Arwah is never a fan of girly stuffs or brands. Fuckwhore is the walking poster of MNG and Zara.

Convince me otherwise if you may.