The (Failed) Ms Waldorf

My semester 2 result was released last Friday and it was jatuh merundum as in 0.72 in GPA and 0.36 in CGPA. This is why, I fear you, Nazirah.

Received another A besides the other A secured earlier, cukup-cukup makan marks for the core subject (in relation to Harry’s and Ron’s struggle to passed Potions. I have my version of Professor Snape – no matter how much you disliked the teacher, the teacher is layak anyway. And that I love – loveRickman as Snape!!!), and failed one subject (oui, Nazz, that subject).

Mum was okayyy despite mourning it like she’s at a funeral for the first fifteen minutes as I gently told her, she’s worried about my chances to apply for a PR position in one of those companies I would like to work for besides the Miller Gold Talent Agency.

I can’t wait to start school… can’t wait to meet the gals and the guyzos. Aby is a pregger, Eda will be the cheapskate student due to the skyrocket fuel price, craps with Raymee, and those like-I-would-never-believed-those-jokes-came-out-of-their-lips moms and dads.

Moi: Yup, this is meng-echokan kata-kata Nora that I am repeating my diploma years.
Pharhunt: Aku rasa tak baik Nora cakap macam tu kat kau.
Moi: Oh ye ke? I didn’t mind because she’s right anyway and I need those kind of reminders now and then. See, aku tak kisah ditegur, okay?
Pharhunt: Hmm, okey lea…
Moi: You were there masa tu, why didn’t you backed me up? Show me some love!
Pharhunt: Aku tunjukkan kasih sayang aku dengan pandangan mataku.