Celebrate the Euphoria

+ in the voice of a la Gossip Girl +

The two bridesmaids that were in the silent war has finally made peace with each other with the help of the ever full-pledging-supporting bride (she’s always the superstar) and her sidekick bridesmaid (she is always the superglamoverdose*). The bride even left a significant comment that will always be treasured… oh, this contact lens is making my eyes watered. Honestly.

Let the pictures say it all.


Oh, this might be the answer arwah was looking for from the person he hoped to maintained friendship with despite… oui, I know *eyes rolled*:

as for me… yup i think most of us dont agree after all apa yg xxxxx buat and bagaimana cara dia buat kau and keadaan kau apabila dia tinggalkan kau. Suessy selalu cakap SAKIT… so bila u sakit.. the friends is around you… tak pun they always be worry and try to make sure you ok and tak lonely and just wana make sure things fine utk kawan dia. (this is not easy to do- sbb aku tahu masa suessy kena dump, i know she calls every of her gf incl me. so i know the responsibility of me as a friend mmg need to make sure she is OKAY… bukan OK masa tu je.. but to go thru the whole process to the stage she dah tak heran langsung dgn arwah…. Huda remember masa kat NZ, with muizz n fahimi, Suessy tak tahan n cry n still try to back up arwah in some ways)….SUESSY…. you know what… i akan sgt2 frust if you go back to arwah after i spend time mendengar cerita u n jadi sakit hati dgn apa yg arwah did to you… 



This post is put to remained as a reminder of how Suessy almost got herself back to eternal foolishness with arwah.


You should know this, M, everyone would be able to see through you eventually so please don’t wake up too soon – I am not that nice to have to missed the fun of your stupidity.


*You know just how much I adore you, H!