The Shorter Life

Yesterday was a downward day. Despite scheduling myself to hectic with itu ini roles for other people’s wedding, writing opportunity, and et cetera, I chose to get an emergency therapy session with the topless-Dockers-khaki wearing male doctor which is a two-hour waiting list… ape aku merapu ni.

Maka sementara that two hours waiting, I called up Roha who was driving to see her future in-laws to passed the car or whatsoever, discussing the possible consequences of a very recent reconciled relationship of someone we know, cakes and highlighting my hair. And I downloaded another cynical break up song of Rihanna’s Take A Bow. According to Just Jared, I found out so many people hated the lyric. Aku suka je. Called up Nora, asked how she’s doing and she asked me how much do I like Leona Lewis’ Better in Time.

Nora: Tolong lea ingat Suraya, next time, jangan baik sangat.


All in all, I was twenty minutes late for my therapy appointment. But I was okay already and ended bersembang with the topless-Dockers-khaki wearing Suessy-certified therapist. Eventually I regained my confidence after working out on analyzing whether the relationship is really actually my fault. See, despite me being arrofuckinggant, I keep my self-awareness checked and take note if I were really wrong and of course I must have to have a male therapist for that. So that the views and opinions would be balance, something to cross-checked about.

Anysz: Suessy, kalau kau salah aku akan cakap kau salah, mana silap kau kalau betul kau silap. Aku takkan tak cakap sebab kau kawan baik aku, sebab kau perempuan, sebab kau tengah ting tong macam ni. Aku tak faham kenapa kau nak sangat menyalahkan diri kau.

Sazali: Aku rasa kau patut bergembira, bersuka ria, dengan hidup kau sekarang… (tidak, Sazali bukanlah that male therapist… oh tidakkkk). Tahun depan kita pegi Melbourne.


The next morning, I was woken up by the sound of a woman screaming. Screaming for her life. Mum, who was still in her prayers garment shot into my room and told me to wake up. She grabbed the keys and looked outside frantically. My neighbour on the left, the husband and wife which the wife was about to send the husband to work also came out. It turned out that the neighbour on my right, recently widowed and has a heart attack, was attacked by an Indian man on a motorcyle with a cleaver. She just got back from somewhere, looked around before she got out of the car to opened the house gate, and suddenly the man appeared and attacked her. This happened around 7 am. She screamed, the man took her handbag and rode off on his motorcycle. Then the neighbours all came out, and she regaled the situation to all, breathing for her life.

That could have been me. I always go out in the morning to put out the trash. I would parked Vesper outside on alternate days when the cleaning lady would come to the house. I would sometime, kalau gatal nak menghirup udara segar dengan tak mandinya and didn’t bother to brush my hair, sat on the front porch outside the gate, lounging with my other six cats.

The thought that the lady would scream. I don’t think I would. I would be too petrified and in a second, it could all be ended. Nauzubillah. And to think that the previous night I wasted energy on analyzing my non-existing fault on the failed test tested on arwah.

1 strappy gold heels
budget: RM80 RM 59 M41.93

+ 1 strappy black heels
RM65.90 RM 52.72

From List


Okayyy, sudah ada two pair of heels and a bag is on its way… pergilah membeli-belah. Ianya adalah antara rawatan terapi tertua and paling berkesan diketahui manusia umumnya wanita (ala skrip Nona…eew!)

Dan silalah download soundtrack Once. Satisfying. Sangat. One of those music albums that one track after another delivers an orgasmic experience. Truly. IMHO.