Hello, Baby!

It takes me some time to layan Timbaland’s Shock Value album. Right now sangat sangkut with Bounce. Initially I can’t do this song because I was in critical category G level 3.

Moi: Siot, my knees feels sooo… lenguh!
Huda: (Sexily singing ANTM‘s theme) Want to be on top?

Friday night supposedly hendak menulis cover letter with Mum to a few big companies to apply any available PR positions. Then Anysz called up around 8 for dinner at Janggut being the current cheapskate stage that we are. Farizz joined us as well and I tickled their guts off re-enacting Russell Peters‘ stand up comedy jokes (on Britons’ choice of words during intercourse, Russell’s fascination with poonani, and !Xubile) and my cousin’s line of the parents of a somebody I know who has almost twenty siblings (go figure and send me your most creative). Tak sangka dan telah ku realized that ade sesetengah time aku ni juga seorang entertainer/comedian, ;-p.
Anysz: Suessy ni kadang-kadang macam lelaki, dia akan mencari sesuatu benda yang macam lelaki akan suka yang boleh menghiburkan diri dia sendiri. (OMG…)

At around 11pm later arrived at Roha’s. Roha ajak pegi Planet and Fahimi dah terkebil-kebil (since he’s going to Red Box with the guyzos). I remembered Roha said, “kalau aku pegi Planet, aku tak jadi kahwin Jun ni!” which is why Huda will keep saying, “She’s (Roha) getting married!” out loud in public. We didn’t go to Planet and turned in early (2am).

The next day, we went for lunch at Wangsa Maju. Olyera arrived around 5pm and I was already tidying up to head home for a wedding dinner at TTDI with Mum. We kissedkissed and promised to see each other again the next weekend, hoping that there will be a full party. Huda was not around with us and it does feels less kinky (and less photoshoots) because she has to attend her classes.

The wedding dinner was dragging but I kinda enjoyed the silat performance (because one of them has nice muscles displayed on his arms). Guy-watching was nice, the official cameraman was tall and not lanky but V-shaped, the handsome (married) man (daym!), and the cuties who are unfortunately anak ikan (eew!). I was seated with Mum and her collegemates at table 8 so I stuck out among the fifty-ers like a sore thumb. I do enjoy their company, though, they don’t do lawak kenduri-anak-kau-lepas ni lines so much (not that I’m offended, I will Aamiiin to that) and yeah, aku agak the entertainer/comedian to the table pada malam itu dan juga the unofficial photographer.

The next morning at 7, Mum and I sent L to Ritz where he’s doing part time and then we headed to Najwa’s. Had breakfast of Penang-recipe fried rice created by the aunt who lives there and then straight to the fitting room. Fitting room sangat. This is as in the manner of (not salahbrity #1!) I’m a New Yorker, remember?

Moi: Roha buat akad in the morning and in the afternoon baru the wedding. So, kena different baju lea kan?
Mum: Of course Roha will have different baju to wear masa akad and masa bersanding.
Moi: No, I mean me.

7. Thrifty. You can be frugal even if you have expensive tastes. Please don’t tell a soul, because, you know, some girls get so jealous, but I hardly pay for a thing I wear. You see, fashion designers in New York love giving clothes away. Sometimes I wonder if fashion designers, who I consider to be geniuses, are actually thickos, like lots of mean people are always saying they are. Isn’t giving something away for nothing when you could sell it for something a bit stupid? But there is something really, really clever about this particular form of stupidity because fashion designer-type people all seem to own at least four expensively decorated homes (St. Barths, Aspen, Biarritz, Paris), whereas all the clever people with regular jobs selling things for money only seem to own about one barely decorated homes each. So I maintain that fashion designers are geniuses because it takes a genius to make money by giving things away.

-Moi, Bergdorf Blondes

I have then secured four sequined baju kurungs, with laces and embroideries heavily weighing the wrist area and more sequins. Je l’aime! Good enough for the moment that I am in my pre-New York fitting experience and although Mak Munah may not have four expensively decorated homes, her one house is tastefully decorated already and Najwa will soon have a yacht should she patented the cafe table she designed and yes, the baju kurungs are on loan and of krosss I will dry cleaned and have them pressed upon return.

2 sequined kurung moden(s)
budget: each RM150 max

From List

See, why buy when you can loan and secured another double pair as well? Geniuses, really, ;-p.

After the fitting, just hanging out swapping pictures and cousins-gossip dishing with Najwa. Lunch at Wan Solo, one of those Indonesian Ayam penyet restaurants that are sprouting here and there. Then headed straight home. I love driving Ms Lilac.

Moi: Mum, nak pinjam duit to buy gold heels for Roha’s wedding.
Mum: Isi borang dulu.

Hence, the Etiqa ad came to mind, imagining Mum pulling the glass with the hole for the teller and customer to converse, and the desk attached to have the forms D, U, I, T displayed for completion and waiting for approval for the next two weeks. Mum was amused at my imagination description.


The Accidental Entertainer/Comedian