I’m in the funk again… la la la…

I mailed Pharhunt to tell him to pick a topic to debate since I enjoy it so much contradicting him. He called in instead but I missed him because I was hanging out far too long at the pantry. Pharhunt is having trouble on how to pronounce the word vulcanisate. I get pissed because I am not sure whether I’m pronouncing it right or not. Also, Pharhunt said that the word is diBeeEmkan dan dieja vulkanizat. “Maka nak sebutnya valkanizat atau valkanizet? Atau vul-ka-ni-zet? Vul-ka-ni-zat?”

From: Suessy
Sent: Thursday, May 15, 2008 9:59 AM
To: ‘Pharhunt’
Subject: RE: here’s the e-mail
anyway, why is it that we have to translate it for other people’s benefits, why cant we take something as it is and not have to make it flexible? i am rigid in certain stuffs because some things cant be compromised, dont u think? sama jugak macam mana some people bulat-bulat telan anything western and eventually they are following to the acuan of the western way, ikuuuuttt je… sampai nama-nama tempat kat malaysia ni pun nk di-englishkan. i don’t like it. benci. tak ade pun nama tempat kat US/ UK tu kita meBeeEmkan… macam ade satu tempat kat US, Cumming… cumming, ok? itu adalah slanga pornografi untuk pancut/klimaks… boleh translatekan nama tempat tu kepada BeeEm? that is why sampai DBP pun (and for god sake this is satu institusi kajian bahasa) dah tak dapat nak came up with more new words and asyik meBeeEmkan perkataan2 english… sedangkan english ni pun bukannya bahasa original, ianya adalah gabungan dua bahasa paling tua di dunia (Latin & Greek). they created english based on these two and ada asal-usulnya and formulanya, sama macam matematik. kalau ditanya on a BeeEm word yg obviously di BeeEmkan from an english word, ape asal-usul dan formula penciptaan perkataan tu? Simply nothing!

okay, convince me otherwise if you may…

Pharhunt: Jadi topik debat kita hari ini adalah bagaimana untuk menyebut vulcanisate. Dan kau tak tahu. Haha!
Moi: Fuck you (suddenly remembering the fact that Pharhunt hates to hear me cursing). Oops, sorry! Sorry!
Pharhunt: (gelak macam hyena) Kau patut sebut fuck me! And I will do it!
Moi: Fuck you.