Why She’s Ari’s Protege

Yesterday Anysz got back from work, stopped at 7-E, parked her car in the manner of kelam-kabut, and get to listened to this as she passed in front a group of Malay guys with a girl in the crowd, and the fat one (think of the regular fatties that is always nicknamed Bob) of the lot said,

“Bau puki kuat betul.”

If I were there with Anysz, I’d turned to him and say,
“Poor baby. Sebab batang kau tak boleh nak naik, kau dapat bau puki je.”

What is it with some Malay men who thinks they triumphed by saying the most provoking statement and think they can get away with it and amused everyone else except the one he provoked? I could have added “…kau dapat bau puki mak kau je… sampai mati.”. Ya, hina masukkan mak bapak tiba-tiba tapi bukan mak kau tu perempuan? Kita tak banyak pilihan selain lelaki dan perempuan. Tak perempuan, lelaki yang disalahkan. Lain lea kau nak alternatif yang diolahsemula.

The best thing is to ignore them, but in certain ocassions I just won’t let them get away with that. What inspired me is a scene from Save the Last Dance. Remember the first time Sarah ikut Chenille pegi club and there was a guy who smack Chinelle’s ass like it’s his birthright? Chenille did not let him get away. She went straight up to him and grab his balls until he whimpers for mercy for his balls (harus selamatkan the balls dulu, okay). Eew. Would I be able to do that? I guess the satisfaction is as good as… squeezing them with your bare hands. “That’s how I thought I had it.”

Recently was at the Pertama Complex area where two Mat Rempit (although this is a well-known provoking species) who shouted to our faces when we passed by them, mocking at Roha just because she looks stylish in the pair of Oakley Fahimi bought for her — harga shades tu lagi mahal dari gaji kau. Right, they are the almost-cover-your-face type of shades but so what? Ape hal yang kau desperate sangat nak attract attention this way? That was menial anyway, just hope that they tripped and scabbed on the sidewalk.

Back to Anysz’ previous situation, she remarked that there was a girl in the lot. What was the girl thinking when Bob said that? Did she squirmed in embarassment? I don’t think so, since Anysz said that she was still there when Anysz returned to her car and drove off (and the lot had their eyes on her, especially the fat bastard who will only have wishful thinkings as his life partner). The least that she can do for her fellow ladies is to disappear for a while, at least not where Anysz can see her as a sign that she disagrees for the disrespect displayed by Bob.

I am so not about being feminist, the more important thing here is respect and keeping it mutual.

Until then… this is as a tribute to Anysz and the rest of the other girls despite races who’s been provoked by this type of men who I usually encountered are Malays. Tak pernah lea aku encountered benda macam ni dengan kaum lain… mungkin sebab aku tak faham bahasanya. Perlu ke nak faham the curse languages? 

Gotta have the quick thinking like Jasmine, who will never let herself be disrespected, there’s a babe with good comebacks and take no nonsense.

“That’s the difference of orang yang tak berilmu. Orang berilmu tak akan buat perangai macam tu.”