Comes with Warning (Update)

tagged by the darling
Wani Ardy

i. I’m a so-called New Yorker
ii. I watch teevee too much
iii. I took words over seriously – so choose and use and say it as it is, don’t bullshit like you don’t have balls. “Say what you mean and mean what you say and don’t be mean when you say it.”-Bergdorf Blonde‘s George
iv. I will kill the other girl after the threesome
v. I want to marry Eminem
vi. My
expectations are way too ridiculous ever since being recently cheated after a devoted pledge of four years
vii. If you don’t like cats, you won’t understand moi the way I would understand why you wanted a 200 bucks – harus Sony – earphone

3) I am uncontrollable. I can be very unpredictably dramatic to the extend that I could just disappear to another country, or not showing up on my wedding day (if there is any wedding). I can also be an annoying perfectionist who will eventually drive you crazy. Then again, who isn’t a crazy bitch? Exceptions to you Wani, you keep your humbleness intact at all time whereas I, am the complete opposite. Especially when it comes to blogging – according to arwah. I take that as a comfuckingpliment.

4) I might make you feel neglected. I am a workaholic who simply loves being busy and at times, purposely find ways to be busy. (Oh, and I always bring my laptop to dates so that I can do my work while you’re talking and eating. So yeah.) Plus, I have the difficulty to feel jealous because of my  I am very “berserah, redha dan jiwa-mati” attitude.

5) I am an overgiver. I will ‘shower’ you sick. You will be spoiled and get bored of me.

6) I am neither hip or angelic, which means I may never be good enough for you. You are not welcome to ask any of my ex(es) and because they will not have any nice story to tell because they want to appear as the victims. Do you really need to know about the past? I’ve never killed anyone, accidentally nor intentionally (but who doesn’t intentionally wants to kill their cheating ex or the fuckwhore who knew the man she’s with right now has a girlfriend when she first fucked him?). I’d rather be in a heist. Crew me up, Ocean! 



Reasons 3, 4, 5, 6 are taken from Wani’s own reasons why because eet eez quite the similar with why of moi. Merci.
Nazirah, this is an irony cause you just wrote ten reasons why it is lucky to have you… hehe. Do this one, babe.


*Currently listening to Bounce by Timbaland ft Dre, Missy Elliot, JT. Entry above might be partly influenced by this song as was just explaining to Farizz and Anysz what ménage à trois is over dinner (no, not choice of candidates, merely intrigued by this branch of intercourse). And also Entourage‘s episode 28.