1. I am bored to death but I wasn’t wishing nor thinking nor looking for arwah or hoping that he would ring me. I’m just bored. Not even Ari could amused me for now.

2. I do not want to be associated with arwah, not even in the past – thank you Jasmine for advising Edt to remove the photos. And thank you me that I have sterilized everything earlier. Pictures, messages, e-mails, artworks, shoes, journals, Friendster, Myspace, blog, et cetera. Everything else has also been renamed and overwrite in my mental CPU. Whatever that is still there with moi, it’s just another item that means more than who he is worth.

3. Widi told moi that one day, I would be grateful that I did not end up marrying him. I can’t believe the feeling came around not even one month after I last cut off my relationship completely with arwah.

4. There are times that when a thought about him cheating on me scared me to death about the pain I would be anticipating, but the second time the thought came around… I didn’t feel a thing. Like when Huda highlighted that I should have taken a leave to follow arwah when he started being funny, thank God I didn’t have to do that – things just fall in its place. Arwah had to faced his own music when he did say that if he’s cheating, I would know. And indeed I know, even if it’s too late, because later I did know what I wanted to do next. But not arwah, he sticks with his dickshit excuse, “I don’t know what I want.”.

Thank YOU, thank YOU, thank YOU. Alhamdulillah.

Davis: My lawyer says you were taking advantage of my weaken state to see what you can get out of me.
Juliet: Tell your lawyers, I tried for fifteen years to get something out of you when I finally realized… there’s nothing there.