Non! Non! Non!

I just can’t handle another heartbreak.

Yeah, at first I ditched the ridiculous chandelier earrings and everything that Mia wears is billowing but eventually – after relating myself to the sixth episode – they are all wonderful. So wonderful. I love Zoe for kicking the ball straight to the back of Clayton’s head. I love Mia’s conversation with her equally energetic Mum. I love Caitlin for her kissing scene with Sam Morgan (I so miss making out). And Juliet, Juliet, Juliet. Her kid is supercute and I loike her voice. And for calling Gerard the pompous little bastard.

Gerard: I am anything but little!

Why wouldn’t Cashmere Mafia returned for a second season? I am losing my mentors, :-(. I know I am the illegitimate protege of Ari Gold and of course he’s the best but Juliet is sooo… the kind-hearted ice queen. Happy to know that Lipstick Jungle will return for a second season, although honestly I hoped that they could swapped places.

All the guys chosen for the recurring characters in Cashmere Mafia are marvellously delicious-like-chocolate to look at, except the arwahs (Davis and Jack). The manny Adam, Sam, even Gerard the French hotelier are sangat lea gorgeousgorgeousgorgeous and their voices, especially Adam’s, ouh sangat deep and vibrates naturally. Yea, whatever I just said.

Because of these shows I do want to get for myself a BlackBerry. I’ve been campaigning it to Roha ever since last year when Maxis was introducing the BlackBerrys that they are offering. Here, it’s only those VPs and CEOs having it… you can say that it is practical for them because they are travelling businessmen, but come on, in US, the housewives are using it to search for their lost dog, okay? I love that gadget because it’s practical and sturdy. That’s the only thing that appealed moi to get a BlackBerry. Tapi itu kemudianlah, when I finally have my own SUV or 4WD.

I do now, besides RAV4 J, want to get for myself an iPhone. Yea, memang aku tak berduit but that is the one gadget after Vaio that really salivates me. I should think iPhone is mampu milik walaupun sakit sementara nak sampai to the magic black cube that has my new baby inside it. Tidak, ini bukan sebab I would like to berjalan seiringan bersama MM yang sedang mengumpul duit untuk membeli his new MacBook or whatever it is, I may be spelling it wrongly. I just want to kill again and again. Sila let me know if there is any installment plan for iPhone, I am very interested because I have my Mum’s plastic to swipe. Once I’m in debt, I will be committed. Silap lea nak suruh aku mengumpul duit. Ha ha ha.

Can’t wait for more Blair Waldorf, masa untuk lebih menyombong dan sentiasa membiarkan orang lain knows that they are actually bearing the bigger loss while they think they are winning. Yes, Pharhunt, I must always win, like he cared when I was hurting inside, clueless, and kept in the dark. At least during this period, you will, as the mBFF, make sure that I will not lose.

While searching for more Cashmere Mafia pictures, I came across Reiko’s Beauty Diary (her link is at Linxes) and oh, how much I adore her drawings! Whether she drew them herself or not, I am so loving it! For the life of moi I don’t understand a thing in the diary because it is all in Japanese (there’s babelfish) but one day I will as one day I will learn Japanese. It’s in the list.