Braun en Oranjes

This is very outdated. The fact is I am not feeling very creative or so New Yorker, I have been in the funk. I should have blogged about the Nilai trip. It was superpanasterik, camwhoring, flowers everywhere and a little bit of snuggly rug-hunting. Oh, and there was cempedak goreng… sedap giler. Manis and lemak and crispy.

The night before, we went to pick up Huda at her house. I was on the phone with Pharhunt and we ended up meeting him at NZ for drinks or my so-called CKT craving. I supposed I was already full my craving evaporates in thin air with the fact of seeing Pharhunt. He gave moi Kit Kat and the girls cooed, “Shweeettt…”. For the record, I don’t fancy Kit Kat. My pick is Cadbury’s Picnic.

Arriving NZ, Huda keeps saying out loud, pointing at Roha, “She’s getting married!” so that the guys will stop checking her out and check us out instead. Pharhunt was charming with the girls and Huda was extrasupercharming with him. Our drinks were supersweet like gula tumpah and we were supposedly to turned in early so that we could arrive Nilai around 10am. Pharhunt paid for the drinks, and we left around 2am.

At Roha’s, Nurlin and Huda gets cozy, while Roha and I had a talk. It gets me, it gets me. But fuck it. Later we joined Huda and Nurlin for the other smokin’ story updates. Help moi to be scandalous.

The next morning. Roha told me to pulled the Levi’s hanging at the hips when I wanted to accentuate my butt. The belt she lent to moi added some weight that it keeps pinning my tummy.

We stopped at R&R Senawang Nilai (Nurlin: Suessy, R&R tu bukan Senawang, it’s Nilai. Senawang is after Nilai. Senawang tu dah dekat Seremban, sayang.) for breakfast. We saw Sazali there and I was so happy to see him I could kiss him. I didn’t really enjoy the nasi lemak because I was just… bloated. Instead of anchovies, they do ikan masin, but that was from a different kiosk that Nurlin and Huda got their nasi lemak. Interesting. Chipster there would costs you RM2.90 like omg.

Arrived Nilai 3. Roha is looking for ideas to do the tables’ centerpiece. She wants it orange, or gold, and all glittering. Whereas moi keep pointing to everything brown.

Moi: What about this one?
Roha: Itu brown, bukan orange!
Moi: Oh, okay… what about this?
Huda: Ini pun warna Mey-lo. Nanti kau kawin kau buat lea theme warna coklat!

Let the pictures say it all.

The hunt for the ribbon brought us to Jalan TAR since Nilai could not provide us 6 metres of it. We got to Roha’s around 4pm and had tea at OldTown. Then we went to this nice boutique Blinc Bliss nearby. I like the setting of the atmosphere and the wood flooring. Nurlin found for herself something very Mia Mason-esque that Roha insisted on her buying that she will use her credit card first to make sure that Nurlin bags it. Roha found something too – which piece was it…? Sorry, babe, I could not remember! I found a new bag for myself and it became the new love of my life. I can’t help myself to gushed and cooed about it.

And then we sent Huda home, got back to Roha’s, meet Romy and Nurlin sent moi home after Maghrib. I feel sick and bloated with gas, nonsenses, and hatred.

In other stuffs that happened, Nazirah said there’s a nice store called Bookalicious and get this, in Shah Alam! Understand this in the manner of Gossip Girl’s disgusts towards Queens, NY. I hate Shah Alam but Nazirah said that Shah Alam is actually a nice place if you look hard enough. Okay, convince me otherwise.

I am not complicated. I gave it a shot the way you want it and your ego acknowledges it but eventually, you. Just. Had to proved my point.

“It’s your move. Personally I hate letting the man get the final word.” – Juliet Draper.