HappyHappyHappy SukaSukaSuka

I will say that I own this tagline, “Don’t blame the photographer.”

Talking about photographs, after the paper, the parking lot was so packed because of double parking and everyone was at their best behaviour in order to leave the lot in an orderly fashion. Rafiq and Raymee however, took the opportunity for a ciggie or two. Now dalam kepala aku, I am pissed that I did not take their pictures smoking and chilling enjoying the calm/chaotic view and taking slutty pictures with them. Our last paper was so hard, Rafiq and I booked each other as partners if we ever have to repeat it again. This sem sucks, but I love my classmates, I still secured an A, I screwed up real bad but hell, I just love – lurve – my classmates. They are so supportive and always looking after me. Thank you, thank you, thank you, you guys are the best!

So on to the spoiled photos…

I redo this pix because in the pix of Pharhunt being cut to paste on this pix I was ugly and in this pix Pharhunt closed his eyes so I put the other pix of him on this pix and I still want to put this pix up because it looked like Pharhunt was gonna kiss me, so, aku suka, okay, because I directed him to flirt with me on the camera and he is such a sporting darling.

Three former DPAs… seronok gila jumpa Nora andPharhunt today. Duduk dekat-dekat rupanya dalam hall, tapi paper lain-lain. I recognized Pharhunt as he sat a few tables in front of me on my right. I saw Nora when Pharhunt pointed to me where she sat, she was a mere three tables away on my right.

Pharhunt belanja makan — oh gentlemannya kamu — I was the driver, and Nora was the freeloader hahaha (kiddin’ babe). Thank god for Pharhunt who was so, “hey jom lea ambik gambar!”, so I had this camwhoring session with them.

Moi: The pictures are all shaky!
Nora: Ala, dah lea tangan aku pendek!
Moi: Pharhunt, kenapa kau menggeletar nak ambik the pictures?
Pharhunt: Aku tengah threesome ni!

Lepas settled everything, I realized that Vesper and I sprinted to the road. Tekan minyak je. Berani mati cut red light – I will never do this again, ever… buat rugi je orang-orang yang bertungkus-lumus forward e-mail to moi the SPEED KILLS videos. I will never do this again… Ya Allah, nyawa mana nak cari untuk diganti!

I was sprinting not because I was running away from anything and everything. I was just sprinting because I was very very very very very… happy? Oui. Terlalu happy I guess – obviously – I couldn’t stopped myself from fucking smiling!

As she drove away she starts to smile,
Realized she hadn’t for a while

That was the moment of that song. I was truly, truly smiling. All these times I was just laughing hard, shrieking-laugh, just laugh, and smiling sheepishly. But that drive to home just now, I was truly smiling I had to laugh to break the smile because I told myself I’m smiling silly.

I am still sooo smiling now. From ear to ear.

So it didn’t kill moi. Just getting better, better, better.