Add Moi

My hair is like straw these days. Sangat lurus ditarik graviti.

Nazirah told moi to go for MM. I was flattered to think that someone has the confidence that I could have a shot (like 1:1,000,000,000) but seriously, his drinking don’t work for me, and my physique don’t work for him – I am so un-Paris Hiltonite, but I am berusaha (although not Parisique) since I would like to be in the cover of Maxim. From now on, it’s twice of effort on everything I own and going to own. More.
Nevermind the physique requirement, I do love – love – who MM is. Having conversations with him would be… satisfyingly orgasmic. I think I am the only person in Malaya who does not know and is still unable to figure out who he is. He is like the unGoogleable Man although he is very Googleable without having to. MM, if you are (ever) reading this, this is a compliment.