Right, yesterday I spent the afternoon and evening with Ms Nazirah moving out from her residential college in Puncak Perdana to a flat in Section 7. Not bad, aku sampai jua Puncak Perdana which I have always seen as The Forbidden Hills like I will never reach there.

We talked and talked throughout the whole process. Nazirah told me about Starbucks strict procedure and regiment, we talked about clothes and a shop called Dolls (is this right, N?) in Bukit Bintang with the owner is said to be very gorgeous indeed, the multiple people sharing the same name which coincidentally is connected with moi through the past, present, and future phases, and just laughed our head off. And shrieking.

Nazirah was profusely apologizing to moi like there’s no tomorrow for menyusahkan me and my little bended Vesper. It was like back in the days of my packing up stair trips between my room on the fifth floor to the parking square carrying as many luggages and bags as I could with me. The only type of exercise that I do. I never believe in travelling light. I’m a New Yorker.

Nazirah: Why are you wearing heels?
Moi: New Yorker never wear flats, babe.

When we arrived at her flat (third floor, baby) and getting ready for the… second trip to the car for her things, a guy was just coming up and going to his lot on my left. I saw him and he saw me but we both looked away. I was talking to Nazirah from the outside while she was … I can’t recall, I was waiting for her to locked the doors and whatever before we went down. Seconds before Nazirah joined moi, I looked on my left and I love this, the guy was looking at me from his grill door. His head popped away seconds after I caught him. Nazirah said the guys living in the said lot are hawt.

After we finished the moving, we took some time off. Nazirah was raving about her darling Kak Long and I am looking forward for Kak Long to make me up for Roha’s wedding. She sounded like someone terrific. For any girl wearing tudung and at the same time stylish (not like the Perempuan Ampang versi Tudung, think those stylish veiled Arabs…) I would pay attention. Besides, their shoe collection screams ‘Wear Me!’ to moi. I would steal one – no, two – three – of them if I were not to come back there ever again. We share the same size… ;-p.

Nazirah showed to moi her short films. They are good for her first two try despite the actors’ kaku-ness, and her second one crowned her as a third winner with one of the judges is Jins Shamsuddin. And she was the only girl contestant of all the contestants. “It’s only guys who like short films. Now, yeah, all the girls are dabbing their hands into it.”

Nazirah is fantastic and she is the living proof of people that I know and friends with who are ambitious, passionate, visionary and totally interesting to converse with in topics of films and politics and everything else as well. Pull me off music genre, I’m too ignorant – but I do know some stuffs, don’t doubt moi. Nazirah makes things happened and for a girl at her age, she’s much more matured than I am. “I could understand anybody being in your state right now is always less mature than everyone else.”

We went for dinner at Pak Li and I met Takky there. He was worn out from wedding photo shoots and is heading for a modelling shoot next that could go until early morning. “Nasib baik lea model-model dia pun sedap ditengok… mata aku pun boleh bukak lea…” more or less like that after I commented that his eyes are red. Must be exhausting, heh, pros and cons.

It was fun hanging at Pak Li despite our chicken chop were all flours and minimal amount of meat. I so can’t go for the guys there despite feeling very Entourage because Nazirah is the second to commented, “You should go for older guys… in their early thirtys.” Seriously, do I look extra matured – oh, what an offence. Anysz was the first to commented that and added the word, “thirty-something and established.” My cousin said, “you looked your age. Just remember to smile.”

I also picked up a stray kitten from Pak Li, and yet to named her… I think it’s a she. “So kitten ni nanti akan diblogkan lea, isn’t it?” perli Nazirah. I will, when she’s grown and beautiful. For the moment she’s really ugly, scratching dead epidermis off her ears, frail but bloated, and her head is furless. Yeah, I would never picked up any kitten like that but she was very obedient. Besides Monti, she can sit quietly at a place, no hassle. I had to bring her to the front seat after I sent Nazirah home so that I wouldn’t forgot I actually have a living thing inside my car.

The other cats’ reaction were cold toward the newbie. Kenya and Moeli were the biggest scather, like totally scath you, scath you, scath you! Todd keep bowing his head and lowering his ears. Luesi and Monti were the biggest sniffers. The kitty was just… cowering. Seeing Monti sniffing her was comical. He seems so gigantic, like his nose is as big as her wide eyes. Kelakar.

There’s something going on in June. And I wonder if he’s interested. Should I really make an advance one month booking in his schedule? Oh, to date the established man.