I Don’t Answer to You

+ In the voice of a la Gossip Girl +

There’s really no use mopping around – even if you do, do it in style. Life you should take it by the reins and direct it to the top where you will be able to sit and do nothing.

Still think Suessy’s arrogant? It’s senseless to argue, let her be because she is always right.

It’s been awhile since the new favourite person popped into the picture. The superhighlight of the day is that despite going through all the bullshits one could handled – or being served with bullshits, as the other is selfish in wanting to be guilt-free – Suessy is able to secure her A in one of the four papers she’s sitting for this semester. Of course, this news is delivered by none other than the new favourite person himself, to yours truly… I mean Suessy.

Dreamless sleeps, rejuvenating showers, the pleasure to indulge deliciously… life is on her reins, that Suessy.

Soar higher, S… the stars are bright for the picking.