TV is My Role Model

Hari ni nak blog ape… I hafta write something, because it’s a pledge to blog almost as regularly as I could.

Once upon a time on too many accounts I was told that I tried too unnecessarily hard. That I worried too much. Oui, sometimes I keep juggling on too many things at once, sometimes I just concentrated on one single thing only and overworked it. Came a time when I just dropped everything that I juggled and it crashed on the floor, too lazy and so un-bothered to pick up the pieces.

I kept forgetting that I have always have what I want with me but I keep on playing the unnecessary games to gain the result that I actually already have. Do I make sense here? I kept forgetting that I actually have what I always wanted but I keep having sceptical thoughts. In honesty I am in awe to those who are always in good faith about everyone. But moi is always, always sceptical. That it costs me. A lot.

I should have just take it easy. Not overworked.

On a totally different note than that, having read Lipstick Jungle is one of the many reasons that drives me to work more, harder, and smarter. The thought that where the ladies are at (ultra high managerial position, think the letter V in front of it), makes me inspired and super-ambitious (untuk sepuluh minit pertama). There are also comeback lines and counter-attack tips on how you should tackle things when it gets sticky and wrapped around you simply because the men think throwing a cold blanket on you is the answer to stop things getting a little bit more complicated because of just how simply women are always the first thing that popped out whenever the ‘C’ word is up. Do I make sense here? For domestic references, please refer Gabrielle Solis, Lynette Scavo and Bree Van de Kamp – never fucking ever little Miss Susie Mayer (eew!).

For moi, the best episode of Gossip Girl season 1 would be the finale. One, I love the first song played (masa Serena browsed through pregnancy tests at the drugstore). I don’t know the title of the song and who sings it… sounds so kinky! Lately ni macam ala-ala gatal je nak party hard, alcohol, nicotine, and coke konon-konon I was at last night’s party (on a related note, Farizz and Anysz says, “Suessy memang ada muka smoker.” I’ve been stamped a smoker ever since high school anyway, but for the record, smoking-wise: I’m a virgin). And two, the closing song by Nicole Scherzinger, Happily Never After. The last scene is so touching and I won’t spoil the details here.

[always, always lurve this pix]

Talking about kinky songs… okay, yang sedih to diakui is that I have not finished even the third season of Entourage and dah nak masuk fifth season okay?! I had to watched it through Youtube (how pathetic is that?), Nurul please help moi – soon! Ade satu lagu, it must be French, it was played masa the boys on the speedboat at Cannes. Farizz feels it is inappropriate that I watched Entourage because it’s a series for guys but I just totally layan babe… they are amusing. Ari is ultra-amusing, and so is Lloyd. It’s a good show to remind you to be kinky. Kinky, kinky, kinky!

My current favourite song is Time by Timbaland featuring She Wants Revenge.

Please, please don’t forget Hustle! In my book this is the next best show after Entourage, okay? Danny Blue/Marc Warren is adorable. Itu cerita later.

Somehow, these shows boosts me. They are my references, my stimulants, my adrenaline, my scriptwriter. “Don’t forget to bring your sunblock when you go to hell!”

Alrite… mengantuk… ahhh terlalu malas nak elaborate more. Just finished watching the season finale of Lipstick Jungle. We need assistant. Aku nak Lloyd… aww, he’s so protective when it comes to Ari Gold.

Oui, TV is my role model. Everybody knows that. Yup, I would love to blog about this again. But later.

[today, this boy is one year old]

Have fun in Jakarta, Jasmine!