+ In the voice of a la Gossip Girl +

“Saying Suraya is rotten? Better take it back…

Despite the fact that Suraya is all claws out during a catfight (analogy), seriously, she is not that rotten.

A few days after her liberation, with her chances slimming faster to nothing, Suraya received a very opposite kind of message from the person who profusely admitted that there is nothing going on at all what more anything special.

Already Suraya decided that it does not worth her time at all. Smart girl.

However, Suraya’s level of trauma is still at a dangerous level despite her talking to her favourite person quite frequently these days. One of her dearest girlfriends told Suraya that she is still not over the message that Suraya received.

Some people need to confirm it indirectly that you really are liberated. For their own benefit-lah. Please don’t repeat what I did.


Oopsy Suessy… Pardon her, she’s just very traumatized.

See, if Suraya is really that rotten, she wouldn’t be bothered by the thought that there are actually people out there who are even more rotten than her. She missed to think of it that way because she still believes there’s kindness in this world. Oh, Suraya, how naive you are… you failed my expectation.

Remember, S, life is only fun for the smarts.”