The Juicier Bite

+In the voice of a la Gossip Girl+

“As it turned out, Suraya did not make an impression on two different targets but there were two different persons making an impression at the same time. Who would know, maybe the two of them are trying to impress each other…

Although Suraya’s radar is telling her that there’s another person out there who is enjoying what she used to have, Suraya went on to make an even bigger impression on her new favourite person.

The consequence is even juicier than Suessy expected and she’s living it through to keep her more felicitious than she already is. HE is YM ADIL, why worry…?

Isn’t it great when you’re a Blair-oriented gal… it’s always somebody else bearing the bigger loss than you.

Congratulations, S, you’re flying soooo high…”