Cool Cat


[the day after the operation]

Do you know just how cool Get Fuzzy is… it is really wicked. Bucky is ultrawicked. He totally is. I’d really like to be Rob Wilco‘s girlfriend kot – give him some lovin’, have girl talk with Satchel, and be amused/annoyed with Bucky. I’d like to think of the possibilities of introducing my own cats to the household, haha… I think Sophie is Bucky’s bride (as in Chuckie’s Bride) because she’s insane, man.

Right from birth, Sophie’s left hind leg is sort of… lembik (limpy) and this is the vet’s own word. The way Mum says it, “Alignment dia lari…”. It’s really a laugh to see Sophie runs earnestly because her rear is like being tossed left and right as she ran. Also when she walks, she’s sort of like when the horse canters, you know? The funniest is when she is landing. She would be walking towards you, decided the spot to land (usually on my hand when I’m doing the work on the laptop) and WHOMP! She dropped herself – very hard – on my hand that would caused me to incidentally clicked on the sidebar porn ads of the Torrent website I visited. Then I will scowled at her and she looked at me with her head slightly wobbles. Yup, she’s really that imbalance.

The best experience with Sophie is when I brought her for her spay operation. The vet wasn’t kidded, they had to biused her twice – she was that aggresive… or insane. She doesn’t like to be force to cuddle or being put down, she’s up with all twenty claws pointing at you not including yet with her bites and scathings. After the operation was over, I was freaked out myself seeing Sophie’s condition. She’s like almost dead. She stayed still the whole day with her tongue hanging out… and still, man, still! The next day was a bit better, and I do meant a bit only. She gets up and walk, one, two steps then FWOMP! Splatted herself on the floor. Not moving. But her eyes were open. Then she’d got up again and walk. One, two steps, FWOMP! The cycle repeats. The best one was when I was preparing a litter box for her during her three days confinement in the cage. The litter box was being made ready, was about to put it into the cage but then Sophie walked into it and FWOMP! She fell asleep then and there. Refer picture above. See her front foot sticking up?

Bucky would love her to death… maybe… moi thinketh.

Why I would be perfect nice for Rob’s girlfriend – we both love Harry Potter and we love animals though he could teach me to be more committed about supporting the NGOs… but I wouldn’t be that passionate about rugby or being a vegetarian. Nevermind being obsessed with video games, that is just… boys. I like Rob’s superconcern and sensitivity towards his pets’ well-being like when Satchel is injured, or when Bucky is injured (always by own stupidity)… even though he does feel like murdering the latter sometimes.

I really like there’s this conversation between Bucky and Satchel when there’s this one time Satchel incidentally subscribed for himself InStyle (I think) magazine. He doesn’t know it’s actually for women only, he likes it anyway – so much at that. When Bucky told Satchel that he should stop reading the magazines and read Cats Illustrated or Catnip Today instead, Satchel answered to Bucky spontaneously, “I’m not a cat, I’m a woman!” …. to which then Satchel took a moment to consider what he said, “Wait… is that right?”

Darby Conley is really ultracreative with the whole creation of the characters and others… the names/words, notable like the character Shakespug or Quentin Tabbytino, and the month of Jerkuary as re-named (as always) by Bucky (that was on one of the Sunday comics, I lost that copy already)… I really appreciate those kind of things so much, the might of the talent to create this and that… it’s ultrawicked.

Right, there’s the effort to blog regularly. Back to assignments.