The Simplest Lesson


Okay, I said I will update, but I don’t want to blog about burink-burit(to)-kau.

I saw the fifteen minutes short film Fitna and boy do they ask for trouble. Fatal on top of it. When I saw it, I didn’t feel offended. Too bad all that Wilders is really doing is merely a classroom presentation. I am in no way of denying nor correcting him, those verses he picked out are the simple truth about Islam. That is all in it. Like when Islamophobia is created, it only backfires because people are not actually that ignorant, they seek the truth and hence Islam became the fastest growing faith then.

There was a video reponse to the Fitna short movie by a Swordfishabe Production and ha-ha, didn’t they compiled even more verses out of the already corrupted Bible. Amusing, really… Fitna is like the pot calling the kettle black.

I am not sure whether any of you would know about another identity of Muhammad S.A.W. that the enemies are spreading but here’s one – a paedophile. They (I should think this theory was made popular by Ayaan Hirsi Ali) claimed that he is one because of his marrying Aisya R.A. when she is at the age of nine. Okay, I am not that well-versed about this part but this is of what I know back in primary school and what my father told moi. Aisya R.A. was nine years old when she was betrothed to Muhammad S.A.W. but they did not sleep together until she reached puberty. That’s one, and another one was during those days, nine-year-old are not the size of present nine-year-olds on swings. They might even be bigger than my 24-year-old size now. The people then had different diet and they lived longer than us. People die at the age 100 and above. There was a picture of Muhammad S.A.W.’s footprint (from all those forward e-mails if you ever received one) and it was a huge one. I bet their archeologists and all those other -gists know these stuffs (heck man, what the hell you watching Discovery Channel for – this reminds me of the movie Crash, the part when the chop shop owner, Lucien, was telling Ludacris and his mate on how some evidences are found to track the criminal and it turned out that sometimes the criminal himself is watching the show and when he is eventually busted, he can still afford the luxury to wonder his ass off on how he got busted) but they don’t bother to correct their own people who are as always from the start – ignorant.

There’s already that simple response to the Fitna movie, and this debate is as pointless as Blair trying to win Nate. Just go back to Crash.

For my own amusement sake and elaborate further my knotted sentence earlier, here’s the conversation. Taken from Paul Haggis’ Crash script.

LUCIEN: Every night there’s a show with somebody shining a little blue light and finding tiny specs of blood spattered on carpets and walls and ceiling fans, bathroom fixtures, and special edition plastic Burger King drink cups. Then the next thing they show is some stupid redneck in handcuffs, who looks absolutely stunned that this is happening to him. Sometimes, the redneck is actually watching the Discovery Channel when they break in to arrest him. And he still can’t figure out how on earth they could have caught him.

There you go. Please don’t be ignorant and insensitive.

Mr McCullaugh, please don’t sue me. I will take the picture off if you want me to.